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i'm a human.


Welcome to my home on the internet, a digital plot of land where I can build something to be proud of. I love learning, travelling and creating - and I wanted a place where I could bring all that together. 


Join me here as I try to figure out this thing called living.


That's the goal yo

Welcome to the show.

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I love working on projects, being able to start and finish something exciting and then reflect and learn from it all. Also they just fun, yo. 

Projects range from travel projects to art projects to nerd projects.


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the Pie chart of my life

For 236 days, I recorded how I spent every minute of my time. This is the pie chart of my life. 

Campervan-ing South America Project

Overlanding South America

After I graduated university, I bought a van in South America, converted it into a camper and travelled the continent for 10 months.

Sacred Valley of Peru - Project

living in the Sacred Valley

I lived in the Sacred Valley of Peru for a month - volunteering, hand-washing clothes and napping in Incan ruins.