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Hullo there  :)

This place is about a human, about her life and about the world around us.

I really love to travel and I also really love my home. I grew up in the suburbs of Sydney with my Chinese-Vietnamese family. As a child, I'd most look forward to calling my mum and asking her to buy us McDonalds on her way home. She'd always say no but then she'd always come home with a chicken nugget happy meal in her hand. 

During university, I went on exchange to Amsterdam and ended up living there for a year. I signed up for a buddy programme where they match an exchange student with a local 'buddy'. Mr. Human was my buddy. To this day we are still buddies, in a relationship that is as long-distance as long-distance can get. 

In 2016, I graduated from university, went to South America, bought a van with Mr. Human and have been living and travelling in it since. 

Welcome to my website, my home on the internet. I want to share the life of this human with you. I'd really like to help people and share cool things if I can. If possible, I hope to do all that in the least douche-y way possible. I'll stop talking about myself now.

That's the goal yo

Welcome to the show. 


Runner-Up, Funniest Person Alive Award (2002)

5th place, Most Un-Douchey Person Ever Award (2015)