My first month at Tesla

Just kidding, it's probably been about a month and a half, but that didn't sound quite as catchy. Anyways just writing this post because I want to be able to look back in the future and remember.

So I started working in the showroom of Tesla, my dream company. This is the first time I'm working in 'Sales'. I've worked retail before at Kathmandu and Apple but they didn't have set KPIs which you had to hit. 

It was actually a bit of a leap-of-faith decision. Because I graduated with a Marketing/Accounting degree last year, and I thought I should do a job related to my degree. I did apply for other marketing/data analytic jobs actually. And there's this whole thought like "If you graduate and don't do a career-related job then the degree becomes irrelevant after a few years NOOOooOOO THEN WHATS THE POINT OF IT ALL"....... ETC ETC ETC.

And let's preface all this with the fact that I am NOT EVEN a naturally good saleswoman hahahahah. 

Anywho, so now I am in Sales at Tesla. I thought, Tesla is the company I wanted to be at so let's do it. And lovin sales actually, I didn't fully realise how much fun sales culture is. 

It's been a pretty crazy month though, learning a lot. A lot of the times I don't feel like I'm doing a very good job actually. Sometimes I think I'm doing okay when I make a little win here and there. But many times I feel like someone else is doing a lot better than me.

Which is okay, because usually they'll teach me and I will actually improve after they share their knowledge. My team's been really supportive actually. 

Anyways, the three things I want to remember from this first month and a half at Tesla is that:

1. Stay calm. Breathe, girlfriend. One of the things I do under pressure is panic. So if it's a crazy day on the showroom and we have a lot of people walking-in, we've got test drives left right and center, an issue with an existing owner, etc etc. I would just like.... feel super high pressure and start sprinting from spot to spot. I'd skip lunch and work 9 hours straight to try hit my targets. The other day I accidentally scraped one of the cars. Felt awful.

I think things just go better when I stay calm. 

2. You might feel like you don't fit in with your team now but things will get better. Sometimes I'm with my team and they're all getting along so well with each other and I try to slide a joke in there and its like "................." I'm like "ABORT ABORT".

Anyways it's okay they've all been working together a while and have been through things together. You just keep being yourself, girl. And I have started to feel more comfortable around some of my work mates. I've sort of learnt that I always just take a little while to settle into places.  

3. And finally, never forget that you're truly excited about what you're doing. I think it's easy for the higher end goal to slip your mind when you're in a Sales environment focusing day to day on making sales. But a co-worker said something to me at our work Christmas party that made a lot of sense. There's so much pressure to hit the targets because we of course need to sell cars to keep Tesla going. And I WANT Tesla to keep going because I think the world NEEDS to transition to sustainable energy, and Tesla is going to help do that. 

So the day-to-day is important but never forget what you're working for and why. 

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