Mealpal in Sydney CBD: A review

Mealpal option mealpal review

I signed up to Mealpal so I thought I’d write this post to guide anyone else who wants to know more about it. It’s especially relevant for people working in the CBD.

Mealpal also don’t let you see your meal options BEFORE you pay for your subscription so I thought I’d offer a sneak peek of what you can get in Sydney.

So MealPal is a lunch subscription service I’ve been using recently

How does it work?

  1. You pay for a ‘Meal Subscription’. For example 12 meals in 30 days

  2. Each day, participating restaurants offer up their meal for the day.

  3. Each day you get to browse the meal options.

  4. Select a meal for the next day.

  5. Pick it up.

How much does it cost?

  • Usual cost is $8/meal

  • Meals in the CBD are usually $10+

  • There are a variety of promotions they’re currently offering, making the meals even cheaper

  • For example, I got a promotion and bulk bought quite a few meals for $3/meal. Which is insanely cheap, it’s the same as what I pay when I meal prep myself...


Examples of options in Sydney CBD:


  • Good value for meals.

  • All the meals have been very tasty

  • Healthy and deliciously unhealthy options

  • Never had to wait long for meals

  • I find it exciting to look at all the menu options and decide what to eat

  • Time - haven’t needed to meal prep

  • Meet up with friends who are also on Mealpal


  • Just make sure you order your meal before the cut-off everyday. I don’t find it an issue because I’m excited to choose my meal everyday, but apparently some people

  • You’ll get a lot of emails. I’m fine with it but just a heads up.

Would I recommend it?

Yes, I think it’s worth a try. I have been really enjoying it so far. If you’d like to grab my referral and find out how to get the promotion I got, just flick me an email on