Tesla Energy keynote - Elon Musk

Now, I've been reading more and more about Elon Musk in recent times. Dude sounds like a super-hero. Came out and said he wanted to have a colony on Mars. That he wanted to provide internet for everywhere and everyone in the globe. And people do not think he's crazy. I gotta respect that.But it was interesting to see this video and put a face to this mysterious, great man that everyone's been buzzing about (besides the fact that his name is just quite cool). He honestly just seems like a humble guy who's pretty excited about what him and his company Tesla are about to bring out. And that's what makes me like him.

I'm studying marketing and this is not a field that is praised for its genuineness and honesty. But that is what I think marketing should be. Perhaps I'm too idealistic. I used to be in this marketing internship and we used to try come up with these concepts to make our products be perceived in a certain way. We'd analyse the type of audience we want, think about key words that we should use and ones that were definitely a no-go. And we'd think of ways to visually portray what we wanted them to perceive. If you need an example, just think of how Coke portrays all these images of people having fun, warming up in the sun, partying... all whilst drinking coke. They try to make you perceive that Coke is what you should be drinking when having a fun time.

And they're good. But when I was in my internship, I would just keep thinking, why can't we just tell the truth? Maybe people wouldn't buy it, maybe some still would. But I really believe that people can sense genuineness. And, in general, people like genuity (okay I tried a different word because genuineness seemed wrong. lets just stick with it). But for whatever reason, genuineness is something that is universally liked. So you know what that means. If you want to be universally liked, be genuine. Your top tip for today haha.

My highlights from the video and the Tesla products (spoiler alert) - The way the three divided screens was used - The product itself looks really good, something that really appeals to society - The price is really reasonable. Tesla must know how valuable their product is and the potential it brings, and they still charge an affordable price for it. - The entire event was powered by solar power - The fact that they've made the plans for their Gigafactory open-source and available to everyone - Elon Musk is just an interesting speaker. He stammers a little, he laughs, he's frank, he's not really theatrical. - He makes it possible, he really takes a really big issue (aka. climate change and that all our energy will run out) and makes it feasible that we can and probably will transition our society into a renewable energy society

And if you'd like to read more about a review from someone who attended the keynote, see here Watch Elon Musk announce Tesla Energy in the best tech keynote I've ever seen | The Verge. This is where I originally found the video.