A description of Amsterdam

"My home base is Amsterdam, though I am originally Italian. I stayed many years in Holland because of its 30+ years’ tradition of autonomous freespaces and their independent collectives: squats, free parties, underground secret projects… Inspired, I attended; volunteered; coordinated. I learned so much! The punkrock do-it-yourself mentality became a part of me. When there is a lack of something, go and get it. Get active, change your world, don’t hang back, don’t give in. Choose your own life, your own rules.

I think the NOMADS collective embodies this attitude: the motto “a lifetime of free/cheap travel” fits perfectly with the d.i.y. underground scene in Amsterdam. Reclaiming spaces, sharing resources, reducing waste and more: non-commercial, non-profit, no VIPs, no racism, no sexism: these values we all share."

Source: A gathering of NOMADS: Amsterdam, 18 & 19 July | Community Articles