Review: Mad Max - Fury Road

No spoiler alerts below. OR IS THERE??? Read on if you dare.I got tingles from watching the trailer just then, after I watched the movie last night. I cannot recommend this movie more. As soon as the movie finished, my brain yelled "THAT WAS THE BEST MOVIE EVER I LOVED IT SO MUCH". Granted, my brain does get overexcited about things. But only by very specific, special things that can excite it in a way where it just abandons reasons and logic and just yells the first thing it thinks.

Which was that it loved this movie a lot. For the visual madness. The gripping tension. The confronting scenes of a post-apocalyptic future that could be the present one day. The complete lack of dialogue and explanation, making you confused and curious at the same time. The unique 'races' of people. How starkly, beautifully different each looked against each other. The badass vehicles. The desert sand flying at you during tense scenes. The way that Charlize Theron looks, this smokey stare that she has. This badass crew of female characters with Tom Hardy and Nicholas Hoult flanking them. The world in madness. What's not to love.

But I don't want to talk it up. So, you know, Mad Max ain't bad. If I had to say a few comments about this movie, I'd have to say that I feel neutrally about this movie and that it was a moderate experience for me. Oh and that ITS THE BEST MOVIE EVER AND I LOVED IT A LOT AND YOU WILL TOO IF YOU HAVE THE SAME BRAIN THAT I DO. And yeah that's about it.