Uni Students Are Frightened Of The Future. With Good Reason.

One in five university students make the call to either drop out, or change their degree. If you look at how quickly industries are changing, that number is hardly surprising.

Excerpts to note:

The Internet Is Changing Everything

Robots Are Coming To Mess With Us Too

  • As if all that wasn’t enough, we have robots and algorithms automating the things humans would normally do for money. Except they don’t need wages. Or health cover. Or superannuation. Or rest breaks. And sometimes they just do it better than us.
  • But how smart can those cogs and gears really be? Well, algorithms can now write financial reports, sporting reports and much more, and they are getting increasingly better at it – often offering insight into long-term trends that a human would be less able to see.
  • Who’s going to be hit hardest by all of this? The middle classes, most likely – with some pretty poor scenarios existing for those in lower-skilled jobs too, and lots of talk about widening inequality across the board.
  • So if your preferred industry does manage to get through any disruptions the internet throws at it, the next question you need to ask yourself is: will a robot some day be able to do the job better than I can?

The Good News

Source: Uni Students Are Frightened Of The Future. With Good Reason. | Junkee