The Music Boat | Reinier Sijpkens

The other day, I was biking through town, so hungry, hungry enough to stop in a driveway and just sit on the ground and eat my lunch there. But I told myself "com'mon gurl, be strong, persist." So I decided to continue biking and have a nice lunch by the Amstel. And it's there that I stumbled across a little impromptu concert from the Music Boat. This was a real treat, by far the best thing I have ever seen on Amstel. He speaks into his sunflower, announcing the next song, before the concert begins... notendop

Imagine this lil one-man musical boat, churning its way around the canal amongst these big tourist boats.


The fine gentleman on board plays a trumpet whilst spinning a wooden organ-type instrument. He comes up to the bridge where we're all standing (me sitting with my lunch box eating my lunch) and asks us for what song we'd like to hear next. Amelie gets brought up. My heart is happy.


After this last hit single, he thanks us and said he has enjoyed this intimate concert. He stands up, picks up a shell, bids us adieu and blows his horn goodbye.


I feel really lucky to have been able to see this. I think how I could have easily not seen it, could have eaten lunch in front of that aforementioned driveway, could have decided to go a different way... This made me really happy to see, thank you Music Man. :)

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