Review: Cafe TRUST -Come as you are

Edit: I actually did end up going to Cafe Trust and I gotta say - it's not my kind of place. The ambience was one of those pleasant, cutesy hipster kind of vibes. So if that's your thing I think you'll like it. The people who worked there actually sounded a bit like robots to me. I'm being a bit harsh with that term but what I just mean to say is that they seemed to recite this whole "we're all happy for no reason"  and "be happy" dialogue that they'd been taught.

I don't know, the people I saw there seemed to like it. But I couldn't shake off this feeling that it didn't feel that genuine. It's the same feeling I have when I'm sitting on the toilet and someone's written "You are so so beautiful no matter who you are" on the door. It's the same feeling when I see places that have canvases saying things like "FAITH. HOPE. LOVE" and "Home is where the heart is" and "LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE".

Like yes I do agree with them all but a small part of me just cringes when I feel that vibe. I'm not sure the right word for it - pretentious?? It's not that I think writing "You are so beautiful" is an awful evil thing to do, it's a very nice thing. But it just doesn't personally affect me because I kind of like hearing things when they're raw and open and truthful.

But maybe I am the pretentious one.

So I'm not saying this is a horrible place, just not the place for me. Also I tried a chai there and it was really bland and water-y so I couldn't give it points on its drinks. But I didn't try the food yet so cannot say.

Up to you what you decide. :)


Just as I say that there's heaps to do in Amsterdam, I stumble across this next second. :)

Its a little cafe that celebrates Food, Art and Joy. You come as you are. Pay as you feel.

The people behind the counter are volunteers and their culture celebrates mindfulness.


I want to be one of those volunteers!!


If you'd like to read about where I found this out from, feel free to check it out here at Travel Without Money