Bout that mediocre life

Hello all, in particular those who are deathly afraid of being mediocre. Yeah I'm talking to you ambitious ones, the ones who want to change the world, the ones who strive for perfection.I, by no means, am not excused from having a little hanker to help and change the world here and there as well - who hasn't, c'mon? But sometimes its a frightening thought. What happens if I don't?? What happens if I'm an old lady one day, looking back bitterly at the naive young wishful child I once was?

Well, what I'm going to present to you today does not answer any of those questions. Like, not at all. It's just a desktop wallpaper I hand-crafted of an image I once saw, that I found really hilarious.

PS. I did not draw the original drawing. I take no credit and in fact would like to thank the original artist who did. :) All I did was simply copy paste it from the internet and then I enlarged it. I even didn't bother about making it perfectly centred and didn't worry about the pixellation, all in keeping with the theme.

And now I'd like to offer this gem to you all today.

bout that mediocre life copy


I have this as my desktop background currently haha. I personally just find it really funny, this funny  blob thing on a skateboard celebrating the mediocre life. That hand-writing. That face. Those lines of mediocrity. It's perfection to the perfectionist inside of me. :)

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