Bare the boobies!

So I am actually a big fan of sunbathing topless because, as basically any girl who has worn a bikini ever knows, boob tanlines look funny. In fact, some lucky boys will also know this too. Additionally, on hot days, I've been around boys who've all stripped off their shirts, sometimes in the most random of places with no body of water nearby. And yeah I've felt it a little unfair that, as a girl, I can't because my 'breast are sexual' and it's 'uncomfortable for the boys around me if I go topless'.

Another one is that its okay for guys to walk around in their underwear (e.g. around the apartment or around girls or at a sleepover) but its kind of weird if a girl goes walking around in front of boys in her bra and underwear. It's kind of sexual, kind of intimate. When really it looks almost exactly the same as a bikini, which is completely fine to wear. What's with that??

Yes, some people may say, who cares about making them uncomfortable! Who cares what they think!!

But well, I guess I still do. I admit it. :(

I still do my part in sunbathing topless when I can, gotta get these badboys a little vitamin D you know (man hope my parents don't read this and if they are then I'm sorry you had to read this, mum and dad). But this little story about three sisters in Ontario who bike-rode topless, got pulled over by a cop and then schooled him on his laws gives me a little glimmer of hope and courage. Don't want to jump the gun but there may or may not be a rally involved. :)

Read further here: Cop who didn't know law gets owned by three topless sisters