Oud Amsterdam

Well this video is just... nice. I really liked watching it. :) It's pretty long so just watch a little or skim through if you'd like. It's basically just little video clips from Amsterdam in 1983 by Ed van der Elsken. He seems like a chill fellow haha.I've always really liked the whole idea of "just the everyday". I always have this thought that Facebook/Instagram/etc is full of just these highlights of people's life, seen through a filter. Beautiful and exciting photos, yes, but I guess I just prefer real life. Which is that, yeah, sometimes I have days where I stay in my bed until like 4pm, cause I woke up and just started surfing the net or reading on my phone and somehow it was 4 hours later haha. Or I was basically lazy or thinking or listening to music or just enjoying the sheer toastiness of my bed.

Yeah, sometimes my life is not glam at all haha. But its real life, right.

Actually this is a bit of a tangent. But one time I was talking to a friend and we were just talking about his travels (he was on the tail end of a solo-trip he was doing through Europe). And we talked about that familiar topic - how no one else can understand exactly what the trip was like for you. How, when you go home, every can ask you "how was it" "was it insanely fun" "tell me some stories" and you can say "it was really good" or "the best time" or go into as much detail as you want, but you will never be able to convey everything.

And then he said, "They will never understand the truly shit times. Or the crazy times when something happened that made me so so surprised and happy. They'll just know the good times."

And I feel that applies a little in life. People will see the good times, like how what you see on Facebook is the good times. But you don't see the shitty/boring/average times. Nor can you ever convey on Facebook the insanely great times and how they made you feel.

But life is made up of it all. So this video actually gave me this idea of how nice it'd be just to film everyday lives, just small snippets. An "Everyday Life" series. I know there must be heaps of videos out there already, in my modern day technological generation. But what I feel looking at this 1983 video, someone might someday feel looking at a 2015 video. They'll marvel at the clothes we wear, the way the film is, how the streets and automobiles looked haha. Or who knows even just how different it'll be.