So proud! The Pioneer Woman Collection

So The Pioneer Woman is a blog that I have known of since years and years and years ago. She's a city-girl-turned-cowgirl who homeschools her kids and adds a little sass with each post. I originally loved her website because of the food recipes (which admittedly are not ALL super healthy stuff but are super tasty and home-y, and well I like that haha). But over the years I've come to really like her as a person, she's so personable in all her posts, even as her site has gotten bigger and she started a cooking show and all. And she's just dang excited about food. She is my go-to blog when I need a recipe for an event or want to try out a new food. She is one of the inspirations for my website. I know my website may be a bit of a mish-mash of lots of different things, a whole bunch of different topics. But I'm still trying to find my feet and really, I don't want to be one of those super specialised websites - like only doing food blogging or just as a design portfolio. Like the point of this website is just for me to express all that makes me excited and passionate and to share all that. So Pioneer Woman is such a great example for me about how she did that - combined so many passions to create one personality and website to try share and help others.

SO basically, this post is about how ridiculously proud I am of her. She JUST launched her own PW collection being distributed through Walmart and it includes everything that you might need in your kitchen. I guess her post might seem like advertisement to some, but as someone who has read her blog for a while, I really can just feel her genuine excitement about this. And when she says that they're good quality, long-lasting AND at reasonable prices - I trust her. AND they're just beautiful. It inspires me even more because, if I were to create and sell something, those are the exact philosophies I would love to follow.

Check out some of my favourite pics below of her collection:

So, so pretty. This was my favourite pattern of them all. :)

I trust PW when she talks about cookware, she has gone through a lot in her years and years of cooking and blogging. So it's nice to see that she's come out with her own cookware line with small touches and the quality that she would want for her own.

Yes I know it's the same pattern as the first picture. But BUT a different colour around the edges.

And I just had to include her cookie jar range. That's actually her own dog Charlie as the model haha.

If ya wanna check out her post about it all, check out: It’s Here! | The Pioneer WomanAll the pictures are sourced from there too. :)

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