Hit it when I'm 60

Have a read of this article from Inc, it gives a few stories of hugely successful people and what actually lead up to that point: Bill Gates and the One Thing All Successful People Have in CommonThis is something that I've started to really believe in more and more. I grew up in a pretty competitive environment surrounded by high achievers, and I think I am one myself (although I tell myself it's because I care a lot). But along with this environment, this pressure built up on me to become wildly 'successful'. And not just wildly successful but to do it young. Stories of some whiz kid starting an internet empire by the time he was 23, stories of amazing science students uncovering some breakthrough when they were a teenager.

But only recently have I started to let it up on myself. Mostly it's because time and time again, I keep hearing when the 'overnight successes' actually started. Like Humans of New York became huge last year in 2014. But when you look back, the Facebook page started in 2011 and Brandon actually had started the project in 2010. So he had been doing this for more than four years before he even reached the huge reach he does now.

There are heaps more stories like that that I've been hearing about more and more. Maybe because I'm looking out for them, rather than the did-this-by-22 stories. Now I try to be less concerned about becoming successful young (plus it's too late for me anyways, I'm 21 so that empire-by-22 ship has probably sailed haha). In my head I even tell myself "It's cool, hit it when you're like 60 man" hahah. Moreover, I just keep trying to focus on the passions I have and want to do, not my ticking bone clock. I have this belief that if I hold on, something beautiful will come of it.