Treating Prisoners like Human Beings: Norway's Prison Island

At first glance that may seem like a criminal’s distant fantasy, but in Oslo, Bastøy prison—which sits on an island 80 kilometres from Norway—offers a new perspective on how to treat criminals.

Check out the full article at Plaid Zebra: Norway’s prison island treats inmates like they’re at a resort

And admittedly, Plaid Zebra only gives a very brief overview of it, and does sensationalise it a little. But it's good for an overall summary. If you'd like to read further details about how the prison island actually works (e.g. only prisoner's who are nearing the end of the terms can apply for a transfer to the island), check out this Guardian article The Norwegian prison where inmates are treated like people. :)

I liked reading about this because it's kind of a radical idea. It's one of those ideas that when you first propose in general society, or if I said it amongst my friends, there'd be sooo many counters against it. And doubts that it would work. I just like that the idea is so radical, that it really trusts human beings. It has this faith in people that, if you treat them like they're humans, give them tools for learning rather than degrading them, that they will in turn respond better. I think it seems these days that people have less and less trust in other human beings.

More and more I've begun to appreciate radical ideas that everyone seems to doubt and find impossible at first. I think it maybe first started when Mr. Human brought up the idea of a borderless world to me last year, when we first met each other. At the time I liked the boy a lot so I gave the idea a go, but I was still full of skepticism and questions. But more and more I've warmed to it.

Another idea I've been learning more about this year is pay-as-you-want and a moneyless economy. When I've brought this up with people, it's ALWAYS given this sort of... "are you serious, face". Like they cannot even FATHOM how that would work, or even why you would want that.

Another thing I've got pretty radical thoughts about is how I believe marketing and businesses should be approached. When I was working in my marketing internship last year, I remember thinking "Why can't marketing just say the plain truth?" Why do we have to go in these round-about ways to convince consumers about some perception of our product, use their data to manipulate them to think of our product in a certain way? Why can't we just say what our product is about, and if they like it, they do." But I feel these sort of sentiments were not appreciated.

But to me, I kind of like being open to radical ideas. It kind of makes me sad and a bit annoyed when other's won't even consider these ideas. I know some of these ideas might seem far-fetched, idealistic, impossible or just crazy. But I feel like if more people even tried to entertain the ideas, they might get just a little bit more chance.