How I see the world

So this is a follow on from my other post on How I view love I mentioned in that post about 'battling against fate' to keep holding on. And for me, this is a particularly difficult point. I want to share with you how I view the world.

So the way I approach the world is that I think things are meant to be, they happen for a reason, things are linked. When something bad happens, it happens for a reason, e.g. for me to learn from or so that something else can happen later or something else links to this exact thing happening. To me, things that happen are linked in this world. Each thing is connected to one another.

I've tried to illustrate what I mean.

things are meant to be

You can see in the first frame that I believe that I am connected to certain things in the world. There are some things that I'm strongly linked to, opportunities that are meant to happen or that I stumble upon and know that that is what I'm linked with and should do. There are other things, such as trees and the sun, that I feel a deep connection with. Other things, I do not have a strong or any connection with and am not meant to go down those paths.

Same as with people. There are certain people I will meet in life who I am strongly linked with and who I connect with on some unexplainable level. Others who I do cross paths with but only fleetingly or not as deeply. And still others who I am not meant to cross paths with all. And that's okay because they have their own people who they are meant to cross paths with.

And then, I've grown up with this belief that there is someone out there who my very soul is connected to. My soul will be connected to theirs and we are perfectly complemented in every single way and we are fated to meet and spend our lives together growing.

But, for the very very first time in my life, I saw the world in a different way the other day. I was talking to Mr. Human, who doesn't view the world like me at all, and I just had this sudden glimpse into another world view perspective. One where things are not all linked in some destined way.

In this world, things just... happen.

happened upon each other

In the first frame, you can see everything has its own sort of glow, and everyone is just doing their own things in life. I am just living my life, sometimes I interact with others and the world but nothing is linked or fated. It just sort of... happens. By circumstance, timing or whatever.

And then, sometimes, you happen to bump into someone on your life path, who's own path happens to intersect with yours. And you like this person a lot. This person is different and you meet and talk in a way that is different to other people that you've met.

And then you decide... to walk the path together. No link or destiny or fate is holding you together. You are just two people who happened to meet and then decided that you wanted to keep holding on. And that is what is keeping you together.

So I don't know what the rest of the path will bring, I honestly don't. But I'm happy I could share this with you today and try show you (even if it's poorly worded and has crappy stick figures) what my mind looks like. And if Mr. Human is reading this, I want to thank you for helping me see the world from another perspective. I think I understand you a tiny little bit better now, and that makes me so so happy because you know that that is the only thing I've ever wanted.