DON'T Follow Your Passion

Hm, some of my friends peg me as the person who is always about "following your dreams" and "do what you love and you will never work a day in your life" haha. And while I do believe in the essence of those, I think I've been learning a little more about how those philosophies might actually work in the big old scary real world.So I kind of like that this article shares the real story behind how Steve Jobs and Wozniack started Apple. Not this fairy tale dream of he-dropped-out-of-uni-and-followed-his-dreams-and-started-Apple. No, just the plain, real story.

Read more about it here, it's a pretty short read: Do Like Steve Jobs Did: Don't Follow Your Passion | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Now that I've begun to think more about where my future 'work' might take me, I realise that I just want to contribute to something that helps the world in some way. Like it need not be something glamorous but just something where I can help people.

Actually, more and more I move away from the actual idea of work/job/career. I just want to find different things I can contribute to (because obviously every human being has a lot of passions, how can you expect him to dedicate 5 out of 7 days just to one thing?).

So I guess my ideal 'work' situation in the future would maybe look something like this:

  • I can contribute significantly to a few different things which I am passionate about (e.g. my website, an organisation that is working to resolve a social cause and maybe something to do with art/design/creativity).
  • I would split my 'work' time between those.
  • I don't think I'd need to make a huge amount money from all of them, if I made steady money from even one of them that would be great
  • I could supplement my income with other ways to earn money (e.g. an ebook, art, consulting), then I think I could make enough money to be happy and fulfilled.

Granted, all of this is linked with the fact that I don't aim to have a luxurious lifestyle (I'll have a post soon on my current spending data and spending philosophies). I want to grow my own food and ideally have my own rainwater tank and solar energy, and just a small home. I don't need a huge home where I barely use half the rooms.

Of course, this is all just thinking and plans and imaginations. But it doesn't make it any less nice to think about. :)