9 Most Common Languages - How easy are they to learn?

One of my goals in life is to actually get good at Spanish and Chinese. As I'm a native English speaker, this would mean I could effectively communicate with 2 billion people on the planet, should the situation arise.This stemmed from this one time I was hearing a presentation about how someone had gone to India and listened to and work with a group to help them. I know the story sounds insignificant but it just made me realise that something I wanted to be able to do was talk to people and listen to their stories. As many people as I could.

Sometimes I thought about what a cool super power it would be to be able to hear anyone in the world talk, and immediately understand them. Or read any writing and your brain could immediately process it. That would be so strange and wonderful.

But since that is not yet in existence, I thought I would start with Chinese and Spanish.

I am actually trying to learn Spanish currently, using an app called Memrise. :) One of my plans/hopes is to travel to South America next year, after I graduate from uni, so I figured Spanish would help.

My family is of a Chinese background so I had to go to Mandarin school when I was young, although I always hated it. Now I have a basic enough grasp of it to talk conversationally, but half the conversation is me saying "Hmm. What is that?" haha. But at least it's something. And I'm glad because Chinese is one of the hardest languages to learn so I'm thankful for the basics now.

If you're interested in languages or just communicating with people, you can check out the infographic below (weeks are based off 25 hours of learning a week). :)

Source: The 9 most common languages - Infographic - Rayburn Tours Educational School Trip Blog