So I just decided to stop eating pork

I'm not saying that to be all dramatic or something. (I'm totally lying)

(I'm totally being dramatic)


Hahaha actually I made the decision right after watching the following video. Now, don't get all your expectations high because you're not going to watch it and then suddenly want to stop eating pork. I don't think anyone ever makes big life choices like that.

For me, this video was sort of just the domino that got tipped over. All the other dominoes were already there I guess. Mr. Human is vegetarian and we've talked about it a lot. I learnt how much resources meat takes to produce. I've learnt how the pigs are kept in conditions where they can't even turn around or move around. And I've learnt how smart pigs are and how it must be so awful, for such intelligent creatures to be subject to these conditions.

So I don't know. I was just really shocked after this video and was talking to Mr. Human about it and how it happened literally went like this (yes I even kept in my typoes):

Me: oh my god eughhhh eughhh i linekd that to A straight away idk why i just thought someone else had to know and A would find it interesting but ja i think i'll stop eating pork then :( not really sure what the consequences of making that choice is but ja whatever i'll get to it as it comes along although i don't eat that much pork but ja at least i'll have to be conscious when i'm eating meats to check

And then 10 minutes later I realised that the dish I was super looking forward to eating tonight (one of my mum's specialities which I've loved since I was a kid) had a crapload of pork in it. AHHHHH!

But alas, I made the choice and will try to deal with the consequences as they come. Will keep you updated on how it goes.


22/10/15 - I almost ate pork today. We were eating at a Japanese restaurant and I was sharing a ramen dish with a friend. I didn't realise until we'd already that it had pork in it and sort of was berating myself but didn't want to inconvenience everyone else by switching orders. By the friend I was sharing with was really nice about it, he didn't really understand my reasoning for not eating pork but he quickly chose another dish. So I ate chicken that night haha.

23/10/15 - I ate pork today. But not by accident, it was a conscious choice. You know that childhood dish with pork that my mum made before she left for China - well I wasn't going to eat it. And my brother and dad had been telling me to eat it for the past few days (they don't know I wanted to give up pork) and I kind of just declined without reason. And it was fine.

But yeah, now it's come to the point where the dish will go off if we don't eat it - and I don't want that. So yeah, I've just realised recently that some things I really do believe in, but the world isn't so black and white. So I ate it, because whilst not eating pork is important to me, not wasting food is as well. So it was just the choice I made that day.

29/10/15 - Ate pork again today, same thing as above. Basically my mum went to China for 3 weeks and made a HUGE batch of this stuff and froze a lot of boxes. So we've literally just been going through the boxes, defrosting the next as we go along.

04/11/15 - Yeap, same story as above. Yes, we are still eating that SAME batch my mum made 3 weeks ago. The good news is my mum has returned home today so we will hopefully move on from this dish haha.

08/11/15 - Okay. My mum cooked her delicious, pan-fried dumplings which I love a lot. And I ate them. Then I thought to check the pack after and hm, yes, they were pork dumplings. I am really bad at this, but I sort of have no regrats haha. All in all, I have eaten a LOT less meat recently though. But yeah admittedly I've sort of been a little easy on myself whilst I'm living with my parents, because I really do want to eat the things my mum cooks, and I love them a lot growing up and they make me happy. But I think when the time comes to cook for myself, it will be easier to not eat meat as much simply because the dishes I want to cook are more lighter and vegetarian.

And now without further ado...