How to: Spray Paint a Pegboard

So when I was living in Amsterdam with Mr. Human, he wanted to set up a pegboard to hold all our pots and pans. The concept is basically a vertical board with holes in it, upon which you can hang hooks, see below for examples.

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It's a genius idea for people who don't have a lot of space in their place, but strangely difficult to find. In the end, we got our's from GAMMA I think, but check out some nearby home ware-sy stores for it.

My job was to come up with how we'd graffiti it. :)

We ended up deciding on a 'sky/cloud' theme, because it would be something just nice and light to have in the kitchen.

FIRSTLY, let's talk what type of spray paint to use. I'm gonna stress here that you HAVE to use good quality spray paint. I used MTN 94s. You can see the difference below.

On the left is some 2 euro spray paint I bought from Action (a chain of discount store in the Netherlands). The paint did not adhere at all, as you can see on the left picture. On the right, you can see how much more effective ONE layer of the MTN 94 was.

cloud graffiti pegboard - 2  cloud graffiti pegboard - 3

I decided to go with a cloud theme and did a few practice rounds. As you can see below, I just cut out SUPER basic stencils of cloud edges. The basic gist is you use blue as the background, then hold the stencil slightly above and spray white on top, along the stencil edge.

cloud graffiti pegboard - 1

When I started on the full pegboard, I used two shades of blue to colour in the background, to give it a bit of depth. Also because these were basically the only two colours of blue I had haha.

cloud graffiti pegboard - 7

This was the first time I was graffiti-ing so I basically just sprayed it splotchilly about. Also my blue cans were only about 1/3 full so I actually ran out of blue about half way through haha. This is why I couldn't cover the entire board in blue, and just had to do everywhere that wasn't blue as white clouds. But you make do with what you got.

cloud graffiti pegboard - 4

Next, I grabbed the stencils and just did it exactly as I did before. Stencil placed slightly above the pegboard and then spray along the edge (using a fat nozzle). Basically, the fat nozzle helps to thin on the edges of the white, helping to create the wispiness of the clouds.

cloud graffiti pegboard - 5

I don't have a picture of the finished product on me yet but that will be coming soon. :)

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