Website Design Inspiration: Brother Brother

So what's nice about my website is that the look is completely up to me. And when it looks completely crap, then yeah, that's all on me haha. But I really do want to revamp it soon. The current layout was more of a temp that ended up staying for a while haha. The End - Website V1

But the theme I've got (called X by Themeco) has a lot more potential and it's definitely been in my mind to play around with it a bit more. In fact, I recently figured out what "the END" page will be. I want it to be a bit of a history/timeline of my website. I always have new directions and ideas for it and I know it'll change a lot, so I thought it'd be nice to have it all collected in one place so I (and others) could look back on the journey one day. :)

So I came across this website for an American Indie band called Brother Brother which uses the X theme as well. And I really really love the style.


Brother Brother II Brother Brother III

I just really love the textures they use.

Brother Brother IV

And this is, by far, my favourite favourite page.

Brother Brother V

So don't be surprised if you start seeing a lot more textures crop up on here. Let this post stand here as your warning haha. But I've really let creativity go a little in the last few months so this makes me really excited again about it. :)