Paris: Jardin D'Alice

A space I really, really want to introduce you to is Jardin D'Alice. The Garden of Alice. I gave you a brief intro into it in my post about day one but I want to go into further depth here because I've actually been back here so many times and it's probably one of my favourite places here in Paris.

Jardin D'Alice is an art space. It feels like a squat (which is basically where a group bands together to squat a building that isn't being used) but it's legal. Artists banded together to buy the entire building and it's their space, but it's also an open space.

For the climate action from December 7th - 11th, they opened it up to the public where anyone could come in and create art and banners for the upcoming D12 climate protests on December 12th.

paris day 4 - 22

The theme of the D12 is "Red Lines" - all about how we're creating a red line of 2 degrees which the UN Climate Agreements can't cross.

paris day 4 - 24

For me, it's been really nice going there because every time I go there, there's always people working on banners and new banners hanging everyday.

paris day 4 - 21

paris day 4 - 20

This is one of my favourites actually haha.

paris day 4 - 23

Now, for most of my time here, I've just been wandering through looking at what other groups have been doing. One of my plans of coming to Paris was to create something, but I hadn't yet figured out what.

But on Friday, the night before D12, Mr. Human and I were here and we decided we'd do a stencil. And I think this is a testament to how great the vibe is here. We asked some dude walking around if there was spare cardboard we could use and he pointed us to a big pile.

We found a spare table and some pencils lying around and started sketching ideas.

paris day 4 - 25

They have all the tools you'd need here so we grabbed some razors and started work on our stencil.

paris day 4 - 27

paris day 4 - 29

And then, when we had to start on the harder letters, someone overhead our discussion and offered us their super good personal scalpel set they'd brought, complete with different tips and all. They let us use it even after they left, saying we could just leave it near their stuff and they'd find it tomorrow, in case anyone else wanted to use it. I think that shows what kind of place this is. :)

paris day 4 - 28

They also have a kitchen capable of cooking for 500+ people and they opened up their space to serve breakfast / lunch / dinner each day, on donation. Action kitchens from all over Europe have come to help out here, you can read more about it in my post on Action Kitchens.

paris day 4 - 18

This has been one of my favourite spaces here - just a free, open and creative space. It's full of life, it's hearty and anyone is welcome. I really really like that.


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