Paris: Why I feel slightly better about dying

On one of our last few days in Paris, Mr. Human and I decided to visit this giant cemetery that we'd biked pass a few times already. According to Google Maps, this was the resting place of quite a few famous people. Upon entering, there was a map of the graves of famous people, one of whom was Oscar Wilde.

But of course his grave was on the extreme opposite end of this colossal, uphill cemetery.

map of cemetery

Nevertheless, we trekked on.

paris day 7 - 1

It was a really old cemetery. And it was a really cold day.

paris day 7 - 6

As Mr. Human and I were making our way uphill, surrounded by these graves and sometimes very big house-like tombstones, I had this thought.

That I didn't want to be buried in a coffin with a great big tombstone.

paris day 7 - 5

With no disrespect to those resting in peace in their after-life homes. But I think I just realised it wasn't the sort of home I wanted. Strangely, death has been on my mind a bit recently, I think linked with all the Paris attacks. Actually one of my fears in life is that Mr. Human and me will die not at the same time.

But I had this thought aloud to Jan that day... that if I die first, I want to be cremated.

Because I realised that, when I die, I want my body to go to life. I want my ashes to be used to grow something and be returned to the cycle of nature.

paris day 7 - 8

At first I wanted to be a flower flower but then Mr. Human asked what happens if he was trying to grow the flower and it died (as was the case with our last four flower plants).

So I figured I wanted to be something stronger, something sturdier. I wanted to be a tree.

paris day 7 - 9

I thought how nice that would be. To provide shade for people in the future. My family could sit underneath my shade and rest and relax. How nice that would be.

And my great great grandkids could sit under the tree and say "This was my great great grandma" with pride haha.

Of course, after I told Mr. Human, he said he also wanted to be a tree. And I said he couldn't be because he'd be copying me. But apparently he's had the idea to be a tree a long time before I said it and had just never told me.

Okay, Mr. Human. Haha.

But after it just made me feel a little better about dying. Like okay I'm not going to be completely cool with dying tomorrow, touch wood. But I don't know. It just made me feel that slightest bit better. To know that even after I died, that that wouldn't be the end.

Anyways. By the turn of the century, we finally arrived at Oscar Wilde's grave.

paris day 7 - 3

And that is where we conclude this humble tale. :)

paris day 7 - 2

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