Paris: The journey home

So I'm skipping ahead a little bit in my trip but only because I've been wanting to post these photos for a while now. In fact I've been wanting to show it to people all the time when I meet up with them haha. So here I go. On my way back from Paris, my stopover was in Singapore.

And in Singapore... they have a Butterfly Garden. It's pretty cool.

paris day 9 - 3

Okay, it's really cool.

paris day 9 - 2

AND YES. If you were wondering, that IS indeed that butterfly's mouth as he/she drinks some tasty fresh pineapple juice. Isn't that so cool? It's like a long ass straw but instead it's a mouth.

In fact, I was just watching this butterfly super close up and you could actually see it drinking through its straw. As in, the straw was like moving as if the butterfly was taking big gulps of juice. Must've been thirsty.



They also have this little incubation room to show how they grow the butterflies. And it is JUST. SO. COOL. Look here, you can see the green one all the way on the left is just a young wee little cocoon, perhaps with a caterpillar inside.

paris day 9 - 5

Then in the next one, you can see the butterfly body starting to grow.

In the next one, you can see the butterfly is basically fully grown and BREAKING OUT from its cocoon, but is not quite yet finished so he was just hanging still there. Bidin' his time.

And below you can see more of these butterflies biding their times, perhaps they will emerge at the same time as the fella above. Maybe they'll be friends. Or maybe....

They'll be enemies.

paris day 9 - 4

Anyways, later on my flight back to Sydney, I knew we'd pass over the middle of Australia in our flight and it would be day time. So I booked myself a window seat to check out what the Middle Australia looks like.

And well, sir. It looks quite fine.

paris day 9 - 6

Oh man, I'm looking at all of them again and they are just so cool. I know I'm saying 'cool' a lot but I just... when the cool is cool, you cannot deny the cool.

paris day 9 - 9

Oh man, look at this one. When I saw it I was like "MY GOD! It looks like deep red scars in the Earth, like some prehistoric beast from the Dreamtime slashed at it."

paris day 9 - 8

And then I finally understood a little of why the Aboriginals came up with their Dreamtime stories and all those Aboriginal stories we learnt about in primary school. Like the land really just seems to inspire it.

paris day 9 - 10

All these textures, all these stories.

paris day 9 - 7

And of course, I must share some clouds with you because I love clouds and that is that haha.

paris day 9 - 11

And to finish off my flight, it was sunset in Sydney. :)

paris day 9 - 12