"So what are you doing when you graduate?"

So this has been in my head for a very, very long time. I've mentioned it to quite a few people already - it's my answer to the inevitable question that always comes when students are about to graduate... "So what are you going to do when you finish?"

Because in June this year, I will finally be finishing my university degree for good.

(for good!!!!)


So my plan is to go to South America. I'm not really sure where and I'm not really sure how long. This idea sort of just planted itself in my head 1.5 years ago after I visited Spain and I guess it's begun to sprout now.

Originally, I was going to go alone. I had a few things in mind that I wanted to do. I want to try WWOOFing ("Worldwide Workers on Organic Farms) to learn a bit more about growing things. I wanted to live in and help out in any eco-communities that I could find just to understand how they worked and just see what it'd be like to live in a system that is so different to the society that I am used to. I want to teach English in Chile, if it comes to that.

But now Mr. Human is coming too. :)

Because he graduates in June this year as well. We are in a (very) long distance relationship and have always been required to be in our respective countries for schooling. But since we both graduate this year, well... I guess we realised that neither of us felt the need to STAY in the cities we grew up. We wanted to be together and finally we could be when we graduated.

We debated it a lot because he wasn't really sure about going to South America with me. He didn't want to feel forced into just following what I wanted. But we decided to join forces now and will go together. :) And I think it's for the better. As much as I would love a solo trip and and how fabulously-independent-you-go-gal that would be and all, it is exciting to go together.

So now we've started to talk about it a bit and look into some research. Mr. Human found this really cool Flickr album by a couple that drove through South America in their own 4WD, taking along their adventurous little kid.


You can see their full Flickr photostream here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/58605390@N02/

All the photos below are from this photostream and I give all credit to Hein Suzanne Witte and India. :) I've picked out a few that got me really, really excited...

Like this. This is Argentina??? Is this real life???



Or is this just fantasy????????!!???


Riddle me that.


I totally forgot alpacas were in South America.



In fact, for some reason, I totally forgot that the biodiversity and animal life in South America would be completely different for some reason. But different it is.


After I saw all the pictures of lizards, a part of me was glad that Mr. Human was coming. I mean I don't think I'm weak or anything but these lizards are BAD. ASS. I did karate as a kid but I'm fairly certain they could kick my ass if it came to close-quarter combat.


Another thing I forgot to think about was how different the trees might be...


Oh man, I totally forgot that the giant salt mirror that is always on those "Places to see before you die" lists is in South America, Bolivia. Guess I'm going to Bolivia haha.



EDIT: Fun fact for you all. DID YOU KNOW that Argentina is super super close to Antarctica? Like the distance between it is half the distance Tasmania is to Antarctica (according to the official measurements using my finger on my laptop screen on Google Maps).

South America - 2

How cool is that. They look like little dragon tails touching.

Anyways, this is their little kid. As in the couple's, not Argentina's and Antarctica's.


They had a tent that could be placed on top of their car so that they could sleep wherever they could park their car. Which I'm assuming is a lot of places.


Which makes me happy because Mr. Human and I sort of realised that with the two of us there, we could pool our money and get a car together and organise our own little sleeper...


And make our own little gezellig times. For those who don't know, gezellig is one of my favourite Dutch words. I am sure it's also the favourite of many Dutch people. It means a combination of cozy, comfortable, warm, happy. So a dinner with friends can be gezellig, a person can be gezellig, a house can be gezellig. All good things. :)



A funny picture.


Another (on top of the many) things I forgot to think about was that the people there might have different style of clothing.


Wow, for some reason that photo actually looks like it was out of some movie. But it was not. It was out of the local convenient store.


I got really excited looking at all these photos, having this small glimpse into what might be a part of my future. I really think there are some gezellig times ahead of us. Hard, interesting, exhausting times, but I think always gezellig. :)