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Today I was thinking about cheating on my university degree.I was just lying in bed (at 5:30pm - a prime time to lie in bed) and just thought "Hey man, you know what, it would have been heaps of fun if you'd done a degree in Industrial Design instead."

And I thought this because I was imagining how cool it'd be to be able to build one of those roof-top car tents where you could also remove the opaque top so you could see through it - and then you could see the stars!!

In fact, let this not stop at roof-top car tents but let this procreate and blossom to all other tents and cars and houses in general!!!

Recently I've been meeting quite a few people at university because I've joined some new groups, and the question always comes up. In fact it probably comes up with almost every person you meet during uni... "What are you studying?"

I usually reply something like "Marketing and accounting?"

I always seem to say the answer as a question by accident. I think it's because as soon as my brain hears the question, I think "Oh no not this question again, what do I say, should I say commerce, should I say business, should I just say marketing, or should I throw in the accounting in there too, will that make things more interesting, oh no say something say something--

So here is a list of other university degrees that I think I could have had a lot of fun in:

  • Industrial Design - I'd get to think of cool things I'd like to make and then learn how to ACTUALLY make them
  • Philosophy - I think and ponder so much in my life already, would be cool to get marks for it
  • Sustainability / Environmental Studies - I like that this is inter-disciplinary, you get the science and environmental geography side of it but also learn about politics, people, society as sustainability affects everything.
  • Languages/Cultural Studies - I'm currently learning the Spanish language and doing a Chinese Philosophy course and I am loving both heaps.
  • Video and Music Production - Making videos and finding the perfect music to match to it would be pretty mad. I always find it SUCH a good feeling when the music is perfectly matched to the video.

And then I began getting sad thinking like "Man, if I want to learn any of these I have to either do another 3 or 4 years in university for a bachelors or do an intensive masters." This made me sad because I have had a tumultuous relationship with academics and have despised it at times and thought of quitting university.

But then!

I daydreamed about how cool it'd be if I could make a place that people could sign up for "crash courses" in. Because sometimes you want to learn about something, but you don't necessarily want to become a professional in it or dedicate your whole life to it.

And sometimes it's nice just to have a little, in-depth introduction to something to give you a good foundation before you try to keep learning on your own.

Some ideas for crash courses which I think people would like:

  • Parkour!!! (I am the biggest fan of Parkour ever since I did a 'beginner crash course' of it at university last semester)
  • Intro to 3D design
  • Intro to Photoshop
  • Intro to Video Editting
  • Spanish (and of course other languages)
  • Intro to Website Building
  • Intro to Music Production

And I know a lot of these things probably already have crash courses. I know. But I think they're usually quite expensive (I'd rarely ever pay for one) and can vary in how long they are. Also, the places probably specialise only in the crash course of their specific area (i.e. a language school would probably specialise in just language crash courses)

But when I talk about this place, I'm talking like ONE PLACE that would offer all these crash courses. And it'd just hopefully bring together people that like to learn about new things and new skills.

Characteristics of the crash courses I'd imagine:

  • Good teachers (obviously haha but really this is the most important)
  • 10 week courses
  • Not ridiculously expensive; affordable so that the average learner who has just an interest could do it, and not just people who want to become serious in it
  • Not super formal with qualifications and what not. The teachers don't even have to be certified teachers or pro's in it, could just be people who are very passionate in it. The whole idea is just getting people to learn something they might not have any idea about

Anyways that's my thoughts for the day! If this place already exists out there, feel free to tell me so I can see :)

P.S. It's been ages since I last posted aye.


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