Photos of humanity

Sometimes you're on Facebook and you come across something really nice, like this: 30 photos which reveal the strength of the human spirit Looking at these made me want to work for National Geographic or be an explorative photographer or just be a part of or do something to share moments like these. To celebrate life and humanity.

I really really liked these ones

Monking sharing lunch with a tigeter Teenager gives a flower to a soldier during a protest Child of the Ethiopian tribe Erbore 100,000 monks praying for world peace Teenager screaming at British soldiers during period of unrest in Northern Ireland A woman from the Mursi tribe of Ethiopia examines "Vogue" for the first time. Children who live inside the Arctic Circle. Tazov Peninsula, Russia.

Especially that last one. The way they look just struck me, like I knew in some recess of my mind that Russians within the Arctic Circle might look like that (gleamed from Babushka dolls most likely...). But to see it in real human form - particularly in children - is just so striking.