My 2017 Annual Review

This is my first ever annual review, looking at 2017 in its entirety. 

I am super excited about it. In 2017, I started writing monthly reviews and it was one of the best things I did for my time-keeping, my productivity and my goals. 

Plus, I love graphs and this review is full of graphs! Have a read and let me know your thoughts. :)


2017 in Review

Glacier Perito Mereno



Jan - Apr 2017

South America

J and I were still on our South American journey. We were volunteering in the Sacred Valley of Peru, drove our van to Chile, sold it in Santiago and started hitch-hiking our way through Patagonia. 



Exploring Sydney.


May - Oct 2017:

Settling back into Sydney

Returned from 10 months in South America. Settled back into my home and family. Worked on my parkour and website more regularly. Partied and socialised with new and old friends.


Working at Tesla :)



Nov - Dec 2017

Started full-time work

Time to knuckle down and start working. In November, I started full-time work at Tesla, my dream company.



2017 overview

Be the person you want to be

So the theme of my 2017 was "be the person you want to be".

This is because, in the past, I've said things like "I want to be more efficient", "I want to be better at starting and continuing things", "I want to be more specialised" etc etc etc. 

So in 2017, it was time to stop SAYING those things, and actually be the person I wanted to be. 

Thus, because I know I can't focus on too many things at once, I chose 3 core focuses for 2017.

2017 Core focuses


  • Train at least 3 times a week with a proper training plan.


  • Make it something you are proud of and hit all the deadlines you set.

Get a job and move out

  • Get a full-time job that I like and move out of home

2017 Annual Review - Core Focuses 2017
2017 Annual Review: Core Focuses Year on Year


The Pie Chart of my Life

The beautiful 2017 pie chart of my life. Note that this reflects 214 days of data from June - December 2017. 

Breakdown is an average of the number of hours spent per day.


productivity: Very happy with it


All weeks where amount of time spent on Productive Activities > Chill Activities (aka. blue > red on graph)


20 out of 31 weeks where Productive Activities > Chill (65% of all weeks)

Breakdown of Productive and Chill Activities: 

Honestly, it's a miracle that I ended 2017 with overall Productivity > Chill. Because I had no work/uni to structure my time, it took a lot of focus to continually make each day more productive. 

2017 Annual Review - Hours Per Day - Breakdown with expansions.jpg

The best things I did for my productivity in 2017:

  • Start tracking it

  • Start monthly reviews

  • Start full-time work lol



Parkour: Trained regularly with a focused mentality

2017 Annual Review: Parkour (hours per week)

Train 3 times a week

  • Training sessions (avg) = 2.7 times / week

  • Average length of sessions = 2.1 hours

I'm happy with this outcome. I was injured for the first 3 months so it did drag the average down. 


Create and follow a training plan

Haha. Also okay with this, my training plan was entirely unrealistic. 6 out of 7 days parkour (going from 0 days) was a BIT unrealistic...


Perfect the basics

I worked on drilling things in 2017. Wouldn't say the technique is perfect BUT getting closer



Website: Made it something I am proud of but failed to hit deadlines

2017 Annual Review: Website Landing Page

Make it something you are proud of

  • Yes, I am proud of it. :) I re-designed it and worked on posting quality content, so I am quite happy sharing it with people.




2017 Annual Review - Website hours per week

Hit the deadlines you set

  • No. I set out post schedules every month but consistently failed to hit deadlines. The ONLY one I consistently hit was doing monthly reviews every month.


Write one post per week

  • Didn't hit this.

  • Post Frequency = 1 post every 1.6 weeks

    • Number of posts written = 14

    • Number of weeks = 22

November & December dragged down the average, due to starting full-time work.


2017 Annual Review: Website Statistics 2017

Website Statistics (Aug - Dec)

  • Unique visitors = 1,049

  • Page views = 2,182

Numbers declined as time spent on website declined (writing and sharing less posts...)

However, a cool thing is I started to get readers outside of my friends. :)



Work: Got a job But didn't move out

2017 Annual Review: Work (hours per week)

Get a job

Successfully got a job doing Sales at Tesla. I'm happy because I'm learning a skill I've always wanted to learn, at a company I believe in and respect. 

  • Number of jobs applied for = 14

  • Number of first round interviews = 6

Actually, 3 of the jobs I applied for were at Tesla.

I started in November 2017, hence the spike in hours for November - December 2017.


Move Out

Did not move out. But soon, my pretties, soon.


Save up and move out

Well as it turns out, I have an affinity for numbers and so I found saving up $20,000 to be quite easy. I did some spreadsheet calculation stuff and then put aside money every month and then at the end, it was all saved up.

Seems I have an affinity for numbers, spreadsheets and graphs, because that’s about all I managed to maintain in 2018.

Smaller 2017 goals


Goal: Read as the first choice of spending time.

Outcome: Failed. Started out strong in June - Aug, finishing a few books, but barely read after that. Only finished 1 book (One Hundred Years of Solitude) in the last 3 months of 2017. 



Goal: Go on Facebook a maximum of 10 times / day

Outcome: Not good. In fact, instead of minimising it, I did the OPPOSITE and have actually gotten to the point where I reflexively type "fa" every time I open a new tab... I'm sure you know where that leads to... 



Goal: Self-explanatory. This is most related to J, who I used to expect to be perfect. However, that sort of mentality wasn't great for him, and I had to start accepting him and the people around me for who they are. 

Outcome: I think I really did achieve this in 2017. Because I wasn't dating J anymore, I spent more time with a few close friends and new friends this year. And I realised all of them had quirks about them. But I really liked being able to say "Hey, that's okay. I actually like that about them." 


And that's a wrap!

That is my lovely 2017 in review. If you have any feedback, criticism or ideas - I am all ears! 

Thanks for reading and see you next time. :)



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