My Parkour Inspiration

This is a collection of parkour stuff that I really like! It ranges from videos to blogs to parkour philosophies. This doesn't capture everything, there's a lot of in-person stuff that inspires me but this is a few of the online beauties I've seen. 

P.S. Going to preface this by saying I can do like ZERO of the things shown on the page hahahaha. But respect is respect and I respect what these moves have got going on. :)

Jackie Chan: Special style of parkour

I like this a lot because my wall runs (climbing up walls in fast way) are one of the things that I want to work on the most.

Jason Paul: Repetition is key

Jason Paul is from Team Farang, a parkour team and clothing brand. He is completely adorable and I loved reading the story of how he started parkour and got to where he is now. It starts with how he started parkour at 14, when his biggest athletic achievement at that time was "lifting my custom-built tower of a computer and the big square monitor onto a hand-pulled wagon, which I would pull across the village to my friend David’s house".

But the thing that stood out most from his story was the section "Repetition is Important"...

I would make a to do-list of moves every night, and alongside those I would add a number of how often I wanted to land them clean. Whatever I wrote down had to be done the next day, no matter how I felt or if rain was pouring down. 
jason paul team farang freerunning story - to do list
One day I woke up to just one thing on my list: “Stick 1000 rail precisions.” Fuck! What was I thinking when I wrote it down the night before? Oh well, now I have to do it.
After six hours of doing the same precision-jump over and over again, I looked at my hands and was surprised. ‘Why are my hands huge!?’ I already have big hands, but they were twice as big as usual!
I realized that because I was throwing my hands upwards as part of the jump for the past few hours, they were filled with blood and throbbing. ‘Well, only two hundred more jumps to go and I can go home.’

The next few days I was as sore as I ever was in my life and probably ever will be. I decided to never do this again, but it was good to know that I was capable of pushing myself to do it.

For that alone, he wins my respect. He has a big emphasis on nailing the basics. "The truth is, the basics are gold, and perfecting them is a huge part of success. Having all my fundamentals as second-nature saved my life many times, when I slipped on a jump or lost myself in a trick."

I also loved seeing videos from his first and second year of training, awesome to see how someone so great at parkour/freerunning started out. 

And I really liked the below video of Jason Paul. It's more of a joke video but I think the reverse vault he does over the bars is really cool and something that I want to learn!

Brodie Pawson

He is a god of 180's and tic tacs. Yooo especially the first 17 seconds of the clip. 

If I could do 180's a third as well as him!

Callum Powell: Words of parkour wisdom

parkour words of wisdom - callum powell

I think this, plus my recent time off due to a back injury, has lead me into approaching parkour with a new mentality. Now, I focus more on safety and better tech. 

In particular with my tech, I now realise I need to ALWAYS have good technique. Little jumps, big jumps, small things or big. It ALWAYS needs to be perfect because this will encourage the right muscle memory over time. If I allow it to get sloppy, my muscles will begin to commit the wrong technique to memory. 

It is not worth doing a bigger/scarier/sketchy jump if my technique is going to be crappy. It's not an achievement if do it but have poor technique or injure myself. 

Jared Nahulu

I just really really liked the style of the below video, even if I can do zero of the moves and am not even aiming to do moves like him. The song choice combined with his super smooth runs are so good.

Jacob Trad

I really like his style, so smooth and his tech is so good. Also really liked the song and editing.