My Parkour Training Plan

This is my personal Parkour Training Plan, so I can just put all the info in one place for when I need it.


1.  Train at least 3 times a week with a proper training plan

2.  From now until end of 2017: Master the basics, perfect my technique

3.  Strength and condition my body

4.  Injury prevention techniques

My Current Situation


I am soooo crazy lazy. If I make working out too hard, I just won't do it because the mental barrier to start is just too high haha. My current workout policy is "SOME is better than NONE!". 5 push-ups is better than no push-ups, am I right. Yes, I am because I know my lazy work-out self too well. 

And then the goal is to work up from there. 


  • Currently unemployed, can train all days of week.
    • 3 sessions of 2 - 4 hours per week
    • Plus smaller workout sessions of 30 mins - 1 hour.
  • When employed, will likely work 5 days a week.
    • 2 sessions of 2 - 3 hours during weeknights + 1 longer session on the weekend
    • Plus smaller workout sessions of 30 mins. 

Where can I practice parkour:

  • Inside my home / in my driveway
  • Nearby park
  • Nearby office building complex
  • AAPES (Parkour gym) 
  • Outdoor parkour locations


These are the various movements of parkour I'd like to focus on, ranked on my priority. However, I would like to have good baseline technique in all these aspects by the end of 2017.

  1. Wall runs
  2. Climb ups
  3. Cat pass
  4. Precision jumps
  5. Balancing
  6. Strides
  7. Vaults
  8. Drops
  9. Arm jumps
  10. Tic tacs
  11. Rolls
  12. Flips
  13. Bars
  14. Laches

Additional aspects include:

  • Flow
  • Injury minimisation
  • Flexibility

IDEAL training schedule

Day Location Time Activity
Monday Home/Driveway 1 hour Strength and Conditioning
Tuesday AAPES Parkour Gym 3 hours Class and Open Session
Wednesday Driveyway 45 mins Wall runs, Climb ups, Pre's
Thursday Rest -- --
Friday Outdoor City 2 hours Depends on location
Saturday Nearby home 30 mins Strength and Conditioning
Sunday Outdoor 2 hours Depends on location

Parkour Workout Examples:

Location Item Breaking it down
Outdoor Wall Runs --
Outdoor Climb Ups Cat Hang, Cat Pull Up, Wall Support Kick, Cat Hang Knee Drive, Monkey Plant
Outdoor Cat Passes Ground Kong, Monkey Splat, Cat Pass
Outdoor Precision Jumps Precision to same level, higher, lower

Strength and conditioning

Bedroom Workout: Right when I wake up...

Location Item Reps Helps with
Home Seiza Sit 3 mins Warm up, Injury Prevention
Home Glute Bridges 10 reps Injury Prevention
Home Arch Hold 10 reps Injury Prevention, Flips, Laches
Home Quadrupedal 2 laps Full Body
Home Foward Walking Lunge 2 laps Jumps, Strides, Tic Tacs
Home Ankle Inversion Walk 2 laps Injury Prevention

Break from Computer Workout: Just tell yourself... hey. Let's just start with 10 push-ups. That's easy-peasy right and you love push-ups. That's all, just 10 push-ups. 

Location Item Reps Helps with
Home Push Ups 10 reps Full Body
Home Vertical Jumps (soft land) 10 reps Jumps, Landings
Home Squats 15 reps Injury Prevention
Home Step Ups (with knee raise) 10 on each side Full Body

Driveway Workout:

Location Item Reps Helps with
Driveway Precision Jumps 20 clean Precision Jumps
Driveway Wall Dips 10 reps Climb Ups, Vaults
Driveway Wall Runs Until sick of it Wall Runs
Driveway Monkey Plants 20 reps Climb Ups
Driveway Wall Support Kick 20 reps Climb Ups

Park Workout: 

Location Item Reps Helps with
Park Dead Hang 15s on, 10s off, 6 sets Climb Ups, Pull ups
Park Angled Pull Up Tabata style 6 sets Pull Ups, Climb Ups
Park Knees to Elbow (dead hang) 10 reps Underbars, Laches, Flips
Park Soft Depth Drops Until sick of it Drops
Park Monkey Plants Until sick of it Climb ups, Cat Passes