Time Keeping 2017: Aug & Sep Review

This is my review of August and September 2017 for my Time Keeping Project. My original plan was to do it every 2 months but, moving forward, I will switch to monthly reviews to make things easier and more regular.

This is only the second review I've done so I am still discovering what works. If you ever have any criticism - small, big, negative, whatever - I am totally open to it!

Here is an Introduction to my Time Keeping Project if you'd like to know how it works.

The Pie Chart of my Life  (Aug & Sep)

Where it all begins. The bright and beautiful pie chart of my life.

What were the Highlights?

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 1.26.44 pm.png


Website - Started writing one website post per week, and sharing on my Facebook

Productivity - Started weekly "Laptop Sessions" to get work done with friends

Physiotherapy - Started physiotherapy for my back injury, which gave me a structured healing process

time keeping 2017: sep higlight


Parkour - Started doing 3 sessions per week

Roadtrip to Salamander Bay - Reminded me how fun and beautiful roadtrips are

Roadtrip to Canberra for a national parkour meetup - An entire weekend of meeting new people, training, hanging out, exploring buildings/rooftops, games, etc.

How was my productivity?

ProductivITY: Not good but Getting better

Goal: All weeks where amount of time spent on Productive Activities > Chill Activities. AKA on the below graph, more blue than red, ideally all blue and no red.


Previously (Jun & Jul): 2 out of 9 weeks where Productive > Chill

Currently (Aug & Sep): 5 out of 9 weeks where Productive > Chill

Productive vs Chill Activities - Aug and Sep 2017.jpg

Quick Context:

Productive Activities - e.g. Website, Job-related, Exercise, Learning, etc.

Chill Activities - e.g. Socialising, Music/Reflecting, Entertainment, Internet, etc. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 3.48.15 pm.png


  • Productivity for Aug & Sep was definitely better than Jun & Jul
  • Productive Activities has been steadily increasing and, for the most part, stays above 25% of all my time
  • However, starting Tinder was a MAJOR distraction and resulted in more time spent on socialising and going out.

Learnings: After the review I did for June & July, I started creating graphs and trackers of my productivity. I recently created a daily productivity tracker, which has really helped me keep visual oversight of it each day. The colours help. 

Outcome of AuG & Sep GoalS

Parkour Goal: ACHIEVED

time keeping project - parkour goal

Goal: Minimum 5.5 hours / week

Aug: 3.5 hours / week (back still injured)

Sep: 9.2 hours / week (back getting better)

Reflections: Woohoo!

Learning: Having friends who are very into Parkour as well helps a lot.



Website Goal: Not ACHIEVED

time keeping project - website goal

Goal: One post per week, on time

Aug: 80% of weeks posted on time

Sep: 50% of weeks posted on time

Reflections: As I spent more time/days on parkour, the time spent on website decreased. This resulted in late and/or lower quality posts in September. 

Learning: Quality posts require dedicated time. 


Job-Search Goal: Not ACHIEVED

time keeping project - job search goal

Goal: Get a job

Currently (Aug & Sep): Do not have a job

Reflections: As I spent more time/days on parkour, the time spent on job-search decreased. Additionally, goal of "get a job" was not tangible or detailed enough.

Learning: I need to set more concrete milestones.


Sleep Goal: ACHIEVED

time keeping project - sleep goal

Goal: 8.5 hours per day

Aug: 8.7 hours per day

Sep: 8.3 hours per day

Reflections: Whoo! Awesome work, girl, gradually pulling it down!

Learning: You sleep less when you have things planned / structure. 

Upcoming October Goals

Job-Search Goal: 9 hours per week

Goal: 9 hours per week, resulting in at least 3 applications per week, leading to ideally 1 interview per week

KPIs: Hours per week, Applications per week, Interviews per application


  • Create a quota tracker on the Time Keeping Dashboard to measure that you're reaching 9 hours per week


Time Keeping Project: Job Search Tracker

Website Goal: 9 hours per week

Goal: 9 hours per week, resulting in at least one high-quality post per week, on time.

KPIs: Hours per week, High quality/Low quality, Posted on Time


  • Introduce a Website Strategy session at the start of each month where you create a content calendar outlining what posts to write for the upcoming month. This will help to keep things big picture so that you don't end up doing it week-by-week where you risk lacking ideas/motivation when the time comes. 
  • Organise Laptop Sessions with friends


Time Keeping Project; Website tracker

NEw Habits: 

  • Yoga everyday
  • Go for a drive at least twice a week



  • Sleep: 8 - 8.5 hours per day
  • Parkour: 9 hours per week

See you in October!