Time Keeping 2017: December Review

This is my December 2017 Monthly Review, and the fourth review I've ever done. If you ever have any suggestions or criticisms, I am totally open to it.

Here is an Introduction to my Time Keeping Project if you'd like to know a little more on how I make the below graphs and keep track of everything.

The Pie Chart of my Life

The beautiful pie chart of my life, for December 2017. Breakdown is the average number of hours spent per day.

December highlights

December Review: December highlights gingerbread men
December Review: December highlights manly breakfast
December Review: December highlights

December was the festive season!


Holiday trips

Did a Christmas roadtrip up the coast to explore sand dunes and camp on the beach. Another trip renting a place by the coast for a relaxing few days with mates.


Birthday shenanigans

It was my birfffdaayy in December! Did a little part-ay and went to a festival with two good friends from Adelaide. Can't really go wrong with three days filled with good friends, music and vodka jelly haha. 


New Year's Eve

A hilarious evening. We had no ziploc bags so I literally took vodka into the Sydney fireworks inside a plastic bag. And then a friend lost the straw we were meant to use to sip classily on it, so we were forced to suckle from the plastic bag drip by drip.


productivity: Remained high despite the festive season


All weeks where amount of time spent on Productive Activities > Chill Activities.

Productive Activities (e.g. Website, Work, Exercise, Learning...)

Chill Activities (e.g. Socialising, Music/Reflecting, Entertainment, Internet...)

December Outcome:

100% of weeks where Productive Activites > Chill 


December was a big month for work. Even though I had a lot of events and trips in December, I worked basically every day that wasn't my birthday, public holiday or a trip. This is how productivity stayed so high. 

January Goal:

Now that I work full-time, I need to re-think how I look at productivity. Now that I am naturally spending a lot of hours on productive activities, how can I make those hours MORE productive?

Parkour: only Trained 2.2 hours / week

Parkour - Dec 2017

December Goal:

Train 5 hours / week


Hours trained per week = 2.2 hours (avg)


  • Had a lot of work and events on, resulting in parkour slipping through the cracks.

  • I also sprained my ankle so held off training for 2 weeks to let it heal (was a good move though).

  • I gained weight and my back started hurting as a result of parkour-ing less and sitting more. Thus, it's better for my health to maintain parkour as a priority, even with full-time work.

January Goal:

  • 5 hours / week: One 2 hour session at parkour gym after work + One 3 hour session on day off


Work: Amped up into full-time work

Work - Dec 2017

December Goal:

Chill out, be more efficient, settle into team. 


I did chill out a little bit (learning to just take a couple deep breaths when I feel like a lot is going on).

Settled into my team a little bit and had some nice moments with them. I still need more time to become fully comfortable though.

Did NOT become more efficient hahah. Am still QUITE inefficient.

January Goal:

  • Try figure out a balance, so that you can work in Parkour


Website: Failed Terribly

Website - Dec 2017.jpg

December Goal:

JUST GET 4 POSTS OUT EVEN IF THEY ARE SHORT / IMPERFECT POSTS. Better to get them out and keep the flow going than do NOTHING!!!!!


  • Hours per week = 2.8 hours (avg)

  • Number of posts written = 2 out of 4


  • Ended up basically doing the OPPOSITE of my goal, aka I did nothing.... did not even get 4 short posts out

  • Lost strictness on myself. However, I will cut myself some slack because December was a social/festive season

  • However, I feel really happy because I had about 100 visitors to my website in December! (Not from my Facebook). This just makes me happy that actual people are finding my website via Google or the monthly newsletter I'm signed up to. :)

January Goal: 

  • Write December Review and 2017 Annual Review

  • Strategy session for Website 2018

  • Figure out good way of enforcing one post / week

Looking ahead at January

January starts a new year!

Which means instead of looking at things month-on-month, I'm going to review 2017 in full, and then need to figure out what I'd like to do for 2018!

This means I look at my time keeping project and see what needs to be changed, and how I can improve it.


If you have any thoughts, I'd be interested to hear them in the comment section below or via email at hullo@immahuman.com. Otherwise, see you soon for the next review! :)

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