Time Keeping 2017: Jun & Jul Review

This is my first time doing an audit of my Time Keeping Project, looking over June and July 2017. I plan to do one every 2 months as a way to consciously evaluate if I'm spending my time the way I want to spend it.

Here is an Introduction to my Time Keeping Project if you'd like to know how it works.

The Pie Chart of my Life  (June & July)

time tracking - pie chart of my life


Wow, I sleep a lot. 9.2 hours of sleep per day. I think I've hit the point of "too much"....

What didn't go well?

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 12.16.42 am.png

Socialising: 21 hours/week = 3 hours/day

Jeez wow. I didn't realise I spent the equivalent of 3 hours/day socialising (includes talking online, meeting up with friends, etc.)

I definitely know that I am a people person by nature and maintaining my friendships is important to me. But this is LOCOO... To actually visually see just how big it is in my life.

Home/Daily: 18 hours/week = 2.6 hours/day

This is made up of 1.3 hours/day on Food (making, eating, groceries) and 1.3 hours/day on Daily (upkeep, life organisation, chores).


What went well?

Exercise: 1.8 hours / day.

Much of this has been lightweight exercises (walking, yoga) due to my back injury. However, I am still happy that I've cultivated a mindset of enjoying movement and walking everyday.

Website: 1.8 hours / day

This was one of my main goals in June and July. Initially, I was very disappointed with 2.1 hours/day, because it was meant to be a priority yet Socialising still beat it.

However, I shouldn't compare it with Socialising (which is a part of my nature) but should instead compare it to last year.

In 2016, Website represented 0.7% of all my time, despite being important to me.

This year, 2017, it represents 7.4% of my time. So, in reflection, I am happy with that increase. And it's been a big win re-designing and launching the website! :)


time tracking - daily breakdown top 5 activities

How was my productivity?

Productivity: Not good but getting better

7 out of 9 weeks where I spent more time on "Chill Activities" than "Productive Activities". I do love to chill and socialise, but too much starts to make me feel guilty and unhappy for shirking my goals. 

Fom about Week 6 onwards, I had a mindset shift. Instead of hanging out with friends just to socialise, I started to organise doing productive activities with them  (e.g. Exercising together, Doing a hike, Laptop work sessions, Videography outings). That way, I got to see my friends AND do productive activities - win-win!!!

time tracking - weekly trends graph

What is the right balance of Productive vs Chill?

The graph helps me to see that it's usually a trade-off between Productive and Chill activities. Both are good - Productive Activities keeps me learning, challenged, reaching goals whilst Chill Activities is important for my happiness and fun. 

Thus, for me, I want to find the right balance of Chill & Productive that works for me. For now, I know that keeping "Productive Activities" HIGHER than "Chill Activities" is better for me. 

Outcome of June & JUly Goals

My June and July goals was to work on my Website and Parkour. The graph below tracks them both. I've also added in Socialising, my biggest activity, to see how my goals trend against it. .

Parkour Goal: Not achieved

My Parkour goal was to train 9 hours / week. I did not achieve this in June and July, training an average of only 3.3 hours / week, due to a back injury. In August, however, I start physiotherapy and am aiming to recover and start some easy Parkour training sessions.

Goal for next review period: 5.5 hours / week, a more manageable number as I ease back in. 


Website Goal: Achieved

My Website goal was to redesign and launch my website, and start hitting all the deadlines which I set. I achieved this goal, albeit not perfectly (e.g. missed a deadline by a few days, skipped a task, etc.). Website work averaged 14.5 hours / week but was quite all over the place (i.e. intensely working some weeks,  However, I am very happy with the foundation I've set and that I've even re-designed and launched it! :) 

Goal for next review period: Maintain one post / week

Upcoming August & September Goals

Core focuses for August & September:

  1. Job-search (Get a job)

  2. Exercise (Heal back, 2 parkour sessions/week)

  3. Website (One post/week)

  4. Sleep (8.5 hours/day)


Sleep Goal: 8.5 hours per day

Currently: 9.2 hours per day

Process: Consistently sleep at 12am, wake up at 8:30am. Create a daily habit. No matter what, once 8.5 hours hits, put on Subeme La Radio and subir. You just sit upright, gurl. Just sit upright. 

Accountability: Check via Weekly Graph


Productive Goal: Productive Activities > Chill

Currently: Only 2 out of 9 weeks where Productive Activities > Chill Activities

Process: Maintain website one post per week. Two Parkour outdoor sessions per week. Get a job.

Accountability: Check via Weekly Graph. 

Whoo! That was intense. 

This is my first time doing an audit so if anyone has any comments about it, please feel free to share (especially any data/Excel/numbers lovers out there!). I am still figuring out what is a good structure, still creating new graphs, etc so I am very open to suggestions - EVEN IF THEY ARE NEGATIVE. Don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings, I would welcome it. :)

Let's see how I go for the next review!