Time Keeping 2017: October Review

This is my October 2017 Monthly Review, and the third review I've ever done.

I am still experimenting with the review template and seeing what works, but so far starting these Monthly Reviews has been one of the best things I've done for my Time Keeping Project, productivity and keeping me focused on my goals! I'm really happy with the learnings I've made from this October review. 

If you ever have any criticism - small, big, negative, whatever - I am totally open to it!

Here is an Introduction to my Time Keeping Project if you'd like to know how it works.

The Pie Chart of my Life

Where it all begins. The beautiful pie chart of my life, for October 2017.

Breakdown is the average hours spent per day.

October highlights

time keeping 2017: oct highlight parkour tech

Got a job!

I got a job at my dream company, an awesome sustainability company :)))


Been focusing on perfecting my technique this month, making small steps in the right direction! :)

Music and Parties!

Been a really fun month of parties, exploring Sydney's techno scene and being with good people. 


productivity Goal: Achieved!


All weeks where amount of time spent on Productive Activities > Chill Activities.

October Outcome:

5 out of 5 weeks where Productive Activites > Chill (100% of weeks vs 25% in September)


Awww yeahhhhhhhhh

Time Keeping Monthly Review 2017: Productivity Graph - Oct 2017.jpg


Productive Activities (e.g. Website, Job-related, Exercise, Learning...)

Chill Activities (e.g. Socialising, Music/Reflecting, Entertainment, Internet...)

November Goal:

All weeks where Productive Activities > Chill 

2017 GoalS

Parkour: Trained 9+ hours / week

monthly review october 2017: parkour monthly graph

October Goal:

Train a minimum of 9 hours / week


Hours / week = 10.1 hours (avg)


Time Keeping Monthly Review October 2017: Parkour Progress Bar
  • Creating a progress bar for my dashboard, which told me how many hours I still needed to do to reach 9, helped me to keep the goal on track.

November Goal:

5 hours / week. Dropping level due to starting a new job. 


Job-Search: Got a job!

Time Keeping Monthly Review Oct 2017: Job - Monthly Graph Oct

October Goal:

9 hours per week, resulting in 3 applications per week, leading to 1 interview per week


  • Hours per week = 8.6 hours (avg)

  • Applications = 6

  • Interviews = 8

  • Job attained = Yeah baby


Time Keeping Monthly Review October 2017: Job Search Week by Week Oct
  • Setting tangible goals (i.e. 9 hours and 3 applications per week) helped a lot

  • I should complete my Monthly Review as early in the month as possible in order to gain and implement learnings early on. I completed my Monthly Review on Oct 12th and implemented the 9 hour goal, hence why the last 3 weeks are consistently 9+ hours

November Goal:

I begin a new job mid-November working about 38 hours per week, so Work-Related will definitely increase. Goal is to understand how to balance everything in my life with full-time work.


Website: Good, but not Great

Time Keeping Monthly Review Oct 2017: Website - Monthly Graph Oct


9 hours per week, resulting in one high-quality post each week


  • Hours per week = 9.2 hours (avg)

  • Posts = 4 out of 5 weeks

  • Quality = 1 High / 2 Med / 1 Low / 1 Miss


  • Current measurement doesn't work - I hit the number of hours, however the posts were still not great.

  • High quality posts usually require a MINIMUM of 5 hours, with even better posts requiring 8+ hours.

  • Need to look at time spent on JUST writing Website Posts, whereas the current system looks at time spent on my website overall (including design work, strategy, etc.)

  • What really helps is when I already know what post I'm going to write (e.g. these Monthly Reviews are always fairly straightforward and fun because I have a set format to build upon)

November Goal: 

5 hours per week. Mandatory 1.5 hour Website Strategy Session, written or drawn out (as you are a visual person). Be strategic with what you write/post. Build upon and use your existing post templates. 

November Outlook

November Core Focuses:

  1. Work: Do the very best you can to start on a good foot.

  2. Parkour: 5 hours per week

  3. Website: 5 hours per week

I'll begin working this month, so this month will be about finding a new balance for work, parkour, website and relationships.


I predict that it will result in over-stress for me to do well at a new job as well as maintain a high level of parkour, website and relationships. Thus, I've decided to make the new job the top priority for November, and temporarily reduce the time spent on Parkour and Website.


I'm a bit sad about reducing time because I've been enjoying parkour a lot and have been seeing progression. However, perhaps this is an opportunity then to start looking at training in a different way - training smarter, being more focused and effective with my time. 


I feel like the website hasn't reached a level where I'm in a good groove and know what I'm doing it. I feel like I'm still fumbling around a bit and figuring things out. I haven't got a clear focus for it (versus Parkour where I know my 2017 focus is to train 3 times a week and perfect my technique). Okay it's decided, my 2017 website focus is learning how to create good content so posting 1 high quality post per week. This includes analytics for each post. SEO and all that other jazz can wait until after I've set up a foundation of good content and have figured out my website post style. 

See you Next month! 

What did you think of the review? Too long? Did anything stand out to you or that you liked?

I'd be interested to hear any of your thoughts in the comment section or via email at hullo@immahuman.com.

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