2018 Goals

2018 goals

For the last three years, I've written my "One Year Goals" on a piece of paper. I choose what life focuses are important to me, write them down and place the paper right next to my laptop, so I see it everyday.

The part I like most about it is that I have a daily visual of what's important to me. It helps me a lot. 

The tradition started when I was lazing around with my two best friends and some story we were discussing inspired us. We each grabbed a piece of paper, sat alone for 15 minutes and made ourselves think about what was most important to us for the next year. Then we shared it with each other.

So here's all the things I want to focus on for 2018. :)


2018 theme: take a deep breathe

So 2018 running through the whole year, I just want to learn how to breathe. Just learn how to pause, take a deep breath and have a clear head.

This is two-fold:

  • I panic and get overwhelmed easily. So I feel like I just want to be a little more calm, let things go that don't matter too much so I can save my energy for the things that do matter.

  • Taking a moment to just review things (instead of diving straight into it) actually helps me be more strategic and efficient in the way I approach things.

Tesla: never stop doing your best

2018 Goals: Tesla never give up


  • Because I want Tesla to succeed in accelerating the whole world to sustainable energy.

  • Learning skills for my future (sales, data analytics, etc)

  • I get to earn money doing something that inspires the world


Tangible goals:

  • Transition into full-time position 

  • Be organised and strategic (pre-prepare for work)

  • Hit all of my work KPIs 

  • Listen more, talk less.

  • Start learning Salesforce, Tableau and numbers/reporting better


Parkour: technique & fun!

2018 Goals: Parkour perfect my technique


  • Cause parkour is da bomb

  • Gets you fit, strong and co-ordinated

  • Helps you look good and feel good


Tangible goals:

  • Reach 10 feet jumps, currently at 8

  • Do perfect dive and double cats

  • Do one flip on concrete

  • Do beautiful perfect wall run and climb up

  • Do the wharf jump


Website: 3 session per week Building foundations

2018 goals: website


  • An outlet to help me create and learn

  • Learn how to share and tell a story

  • Building something for the long-term


Tangbile goals:

  • 3 sessions a week

  • Monthly review every month

  • One quality post every 2 weeks


Save up And move out

2018 Goals: Save up and move out Sydney CBD


  • Less commute, closer to things = More time

  • Independence, fun, create the home you want

  • That’s when the real parties begin


Tangible goals:

  • Save $20,000 by end-June 2018

  • Party less for first half 2018 to save up money (also better for you)

  • Move out to the inner-city area around July 2018

  • Location ideally 30 mins or less to my frequent spots

  • Ideally $300/week on both rent and food


RElationships: maintain existing 

This relates to my existing relationships with friends and family. Last year, I was lucky enough to meet a lot of new and lovely people both on my travels and on my return to Sydney.

That's why this year, I want to just maintain and build the relationships I've had with childhood friends and family, as well as the new relationships I've built. 

habits & Skills to build

  • Driving

  • Languages: Learning Mandarin, practicing Spanish when possible

  • Yoga


So there you have it!

If you have any suggestions or help, I am super open to hearing it! 

Let's see how 2018 goes. :)