Overlanding South Amerca: Uyuni Salt Flats

Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia was one of my favourite places to explore ourselves in South America.

uyuni salt flats - overlanding south america

First off… the drive there from Potosi to Uyuniis b-e-a-UTIFUL.

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all the car problems swallowing diesel - 1.jpg
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Imagine an endless expanse of white that extends so far in all directions, you lose sense of distance.

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uyuni salt flats - 19.jpg

There’s obviously no roads on this wide expanse so you drive where you want.

uyuni salt flats - 23.jpg

We were lucky enough to have our own van so we could have a little camp out on the salt flats. We found our own little island and set up shop with no one else around us for miles.

uyuni salt flats - 11.jpg
uyuni salt flats - 3.jpg

The salt flats are so huge and so flat that we were be able to see anyone approaching the island from 20 minutes away. It was so private that we could literally walk around our island naked during the day.

Not that we did of course…

uyuni salt flats - 12.jpg
uyuni salt flats - 5.jpg

I absolutely loved it here. Just us and no one else with a panoramic view of the sunset in all directions.

uyuni salt flats - 7.jpg

I couldn’t even capture it with my camera. Imagine spinning around and in all directions the entire sky is sinking into sunset, and you’re almost floating on your island surrounded by a sea of white.

uyuni salt flats - 6.jpg
uyuni salt flats - 8.jpg

I remember the nights on the salt flats vividly, despite being unable to capture the glory with my camera.

uyuni salt flats - 9.jpg

There is no one else for ages. The night sky is a blanket wrapped around us. And the salt flats are so, so flat that we can see - not one, not two, but THREE thunderstorms in the distant horizon. I’ve never seen thunderstorms like that, three storm cells blazing at the same time.

uyuni salt flats - 26.jpg

And, of course, all the epic shots that you take with a place so flat!

uyuni salt flats - 21.jpg

Chilling with our Avocado Van.

uyuni salt flats - 17.jpg

And, lastly, endless fun with perspective!

uyuni salt flats - 20.jpg

Hope you get to visit the Salar de Uyuni one day, it’s incredible.

I would like to return there one day too, to see it when it’s covered with a layer of water and becomes the world’s biggest mirror.

Stay tuned for more adventures!


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