August 2018 - Monthly Life Review

This is pretty late.

So I’m looking at August pretty far in hindsight. And the funny thing is I can’t remember a lot, and makes me realise how we can forget a lot month on month.

Interesting to get myself back into the mindset of these monthly reviews though, it’s good to have this ‘top down’ view of my life.

The Pie Chart of my Life

The pie chart of my life, for August 2018. Breakdown is the average number of hours spent per day. 

Pie Chart of my life - August 2018 Monthly Review

As you can see, Work spiked up again this month. Parkour and Website are woefully low. :(

Hours Per Week Chart - August 2018

August Overview

tesla august 2018 happy

model 3

We launched the Model 3 into our showroom in Sydney! Crazy crazy crazy.


Hunter valley

Was lucky enough to drive a Tesla down to a conference for work, honestly it was the best. You can probs see in my photos how happy it makes me. I’m going to get a Tesla.

Timekeeping fail

Didn’t timekeep for like 20+ days, and then had to backtrack a lot after. I’ve fallen out of the habit.




Graph Productivity, Sleep, Chill, Daily and Mood - August 2018 Monthly Review

striking a balance

This month didn’t feel like a good balance.


Mood = 2.31

(1 = bad mood, 2 = average, 3 = very happy) 

August was alright.


Parkour: Trained 2.7 hours / week

Parkour Training Graph - August 2018

Goal: Train 5 hours per week

Average hours per week = 2.7 hours / week


Whaaaattt isssss thiiiiiiissss.

LOWEST EVER all year!!! And in hindsight I feel the repercussions. I feel lousy at Parkour, I feel less fit and I swear I’ve gained weight.

Now that I reflect, one of the reasons is because the people I train parkour with have become less motivated about parkour so we’re not training regularly together anymore.

It’s good to do this review and see this though. It makes me quite sad to see Parkour so low. I’ve been used to a high level every month.

I’m writing this in late Sept so it’s too late for September but in October I’m going to have more outdoor sessions on my days off. Even if it’s just drilling for 1 hour by myself outside.


WORK: Lotsa work

Work Hours Graph - August 2018 Monthly Review

Hours worked:

51.5 hrs / week

Work jumped up 16% vs previous month.

A big part of this is because we launched the Model 3 into our showroom.

I’ve worked very intense days at Tesla but this was probably the most intense week I’ve done at Tesla.

But I knew it was going to be hard work. The Model 3 is what we’ve been waiting for and the reason I joined Tesla when I did.

tesla model 3 launch day martin place showroom

It’s the culmination of everything we’ve worked for and the final step in Tesla’s Secret Master Plan. It was hard many times, but of course it would be. This is the start of the transition into mass market.


Website: terrible

Website Hours Graph - August 2018 Monthly Review


3 hours per week

Total hours spent per week (avg) = 0.5 hrs / week


Well this is just terrible.

Website Posts - Aug 2018.jpg


2 posts per month

I’m really terrible. Just 1 post this month, just like every other month… :’(


Looks like I’m going to have to pick just ONE goal to focus on and make sure that happens. So I choose 2 posts per month. So for now, it doesn’t matter HOW I get there or how long it takes, AS LONG AS IT’S DONE. Even if it’s just 5 lines long.  


Expenses: Spent $1,551

Expenses August 2018 - August Monthly Review

Goal = $1,500

august expenses = $1,551


Can I get an ammmeeeenn!!

Finally! A month where I was actually super close to my budget.

And where the “Going Out” category wasn’t the biggest category!

Also I ended up buying a lot of gifts this month because I went to the Hunter Valley.

sept goal = $1,500


Moved out

Moving out Goal: closer to city July 2018

I meal prepped every week! I made rice paper rolls, pesto pasta, green curry… actually quite proud of myself.

I spent about $250 on groceries & food outside = approx $8/day on food.


And that's a wrap for August!

If you have any thoughts

I'd be interested to hear them in the comment section below or via email at See you soon for the next review! :)


Note on my Monthly Reviews

My Monthly Reviews are sectioned based on my 2018 Goals and the core focuses I chose for the year. In regards to all the graphs and way I keep track of time, here is an Introduction to my Time Keeping Project.



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