December 2018 - Monthly Life Review

December is my favourite month of the whole year!

Mainly because of my birthday, Christmas, holiday seasons and coming up to the New Year.

 Just going to fly through a quick overview, because not only will I be reviewing December, but coming up I’ll also be reviewing the entire 2018. :)

Note on my Monthly Reviews

My Monthly Reviews are sectioned based on my 2018 Goals and the core focuses I chose for the year. In regards to all the graphs and way I keep track of time, here is an Introduction to my Time Keeping Project.


December was the holiday season

December was so much fun, being the holiday season and the start of summer!

Now that I’ve time tracked for 2 December’s in a row, I can see that December usually becomes a play month what with the beach, a lot of celebrations, parties, birthdays and holidays.

I usually end up going on trips with friends, exercising less, eating out more, etc.

Summer is my favourite time of year though and - strange as it is - a Christmas at the beach feels right to me.

december 2018 monthly review - gordons bay sydney

Here’s the pie chart of my life

Pie Chart of my life - Time Tracking December 2018 Monthly Review


It was my birthday!

This year, I went to Adelaide to visit two of my mega awesome friends and celebrated my birthday with them. Every trip with them is always a beautiful trip but I was touched that they went to so much effort for my birthday. They took me to an escape room, made our own t-shirts, introduced me to the TV show Chinese Dating with the Parents and took me on a night hike to their favourite waterfall. It was beyond epic and more than anything I could have asked for for my birthday.



had recurring back tension

I’ve always had very tight shoulders and back, but recently in December it reached a very bad point.

It got to the point where I couldn’t fully enjoy spending time with people because my shoulders were so tense and hurt. I just wanted to go home.

I knew the obvious solution was just to stretch on an ongoing basis but for some reason, something that is so easy I couldn’t even get myself to do daily.

This is definitely something I want to fix.



wrote only 1 website post

December 2018 Monthly Review - Website Posts

Unfortunately I didn’t keep up my streak of 2 posts per month.

As I said, I’ve come to realise that December is more of a play month.

Next December I’ll have to factor this in.

Check out the post I wrote below:


Did very little exercise :(

december 2018 monthly review - parkour

Parkour was at 2.2 hours per week, which is far below average and the lowest of the entire year.

A big part of this is probably because the 2 people I parkour with both went overseas in December.

I just didn’t have much motivation to go to the parkour gym. I only ended up doing a small flips session each weekend and that was it.


Spending was off the charts

December 2018 Monthly Review - Expenses

In December I spent $2,000.

My goal was about $1,700.

Okay spending has gotten way more lax since I stopped having a savings goal.

Fair enough, t’was the holiday season though, and I also went to Adelaide.

Big part of it was actually Food & Drink, which is eating out. This is because I ran out of my Mealpal (the lunch subscription I normally use for cheap lunches).

As a result, I was buying lunches all the time, and sometimes breakfast too. And bubble milk tea.

And damn how it all adds up.


But I managed to do some Exploring!

On the plus side, I finally did some exploring and got out in nature. It’s something I’ve been missing for a while, getting cooped up in my apartment and office.

Gordon’s Bay, one of my favourite beaches.

Gordon’s Bay, one of my favourite beaches.

december 2018 monthly review - fireflies

One trip I’m really happy about is when we went firefly hunting. The start of December marks firefly season.

I did some research and did a short trip to the mountains to hopefully catch some. It started with a bit of uncertainty though as we stumbled down a rocky path as darkness descended on us.

The summer night is deafening with the sound of cicadas. Out of the roar, we suddenly hear chanting.


It gets louder, echoing out of this huge cave. We can see nothing but blackness.

Have we stumbled upon a satanic sacrifice?

We’re not very sure about this trip anymore and I’m literally ready to run back to the car. “DIBS NOT walking into the cave” we all whisper frantically and try to push the other forwards.

december 2018 monthly review - firefly season firefly hunting sydney

Then growling starts close to us.


Luckily one of my friends is a little braver. A dog starts barking and running closer towards us. We stand our ground and attempt a “hello?”

A voice answers back and with relief, we hear it’s a friendly-sounding girl calling her dog back.

We end up meeting this nice girl and her friend, who point us further down the path.

Towards the bottom of the gully, fireflies start to float around us. First one, then two and then more and more. It’s magical.

The best part is when we reach the bottom, the entire gully is covered in glow worms.



Last but not least, I finished a book

It’s been a very long time since I finished a book, and this book was a very good one. It caught me completely off guard, mixing together World War II, the American entrepreneurial spirit, the rise of the comic book era, Jewish culture and escapism all in one book. I highly recommend it and am thankful to have read it.

december 2018 monthly review - adventures of kavalier & clay


And that's a wrap for December!

If you have any thoughts

I'd be interested to hear them in the comment section below or via email at See you soon for the next review! :) 


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