July 2018 - Monthly Life Review

July was a pretty fun month actually. 

This July review is already late enough as it is though, so I will keep it short and sweet.

The Pie Chart of my Life

The pie chart of my life, for July 2018. Breakdown is the average number of hours spent per day. 

Hours Per Week Chart - July 2018

July Overview

kitten july 2018

Moved into a new place! 

Whoooooooo! Moved out of my parents home in Sydney, into an apartment with my brother. 


Got a kitten

My brother got a kitten. I used to not like cats. In fact I hated cats. But then in South America I fell in love with a kitten who stayed with us for a while. And since then I have liked cats a whole lot more.

This is the first pet we've ever had (besides sea monkeys...). I like her heaps. 


started being more open

Sooo I had this whole mindset that I needed to start being more open to going out on dates. Like it doesn't need to be the be-all-and-end-all.

It can just be a date haha. 




Graph of Productivity, Sleep, Chill, Daily and Mood - June 2018 Monthly Review

striking a balance

So since I started time tracking, I tried to figure out what was the best balance. Because, for example, Chilling is good for me but TOO much becomes bad. Same as too much productive activities or too little.

July was probably the most ideal balance. 

38% Productive, 33% Sleep, 18% Chill and 11% Daily. 

At this level, I'm getting enough sleep while striking a balance between being productive and ensuring I'm still relaxing enough. At the same time, I'm still getting through necessary chores/upkeep so that my life isn't falling apart haha.


Mood = 2.56

(1 = bad mood, 2 = average, 3 = very happy) 

Hey heeeeey pretty high. Honestly I think a big part of this is because I had a new mindset in July to be a bit more relaxed about things. Going on dates, being more open with friends, approaching work more chill.

Edit: Actually, in hindsight, I think a big factor was also moving out of home. This has been something I've always wanted to do and the change of scene and open-ness of my new apartment really helped me. 


Parkour: Trained 3.4 hours / week

Parkour Graph - July 2018 Monthly Review

Goal: Train 5 hours per week

Average hours per week = 3.4 hours / week


Didn't hit my goal. But you know what?

I'm okay with that. I've hit it every single other month (bar March where I got horrifically ill), so I think that is a great achievement. 



This lil move is called a flyaway. I'm not even doing it properly. But you know what... 

It was pretty damn scary to even take this out of the foam pit so I'm proud of myself anyways hehe. 


WORK: nawt bad, nawt baddd

Work July Monthly Review 2018

Hours worked = 44.5 hrs / week

Pretty good.


July Focus: 

Dare to make a difference

Yeah. I did dare.


Website: Not the best

Website July 2018.jpg

Goal: 3 hours per week

Total hours spent per week (avg) = 1.5 hrs / week

Well... Not the best.



Goal: 2 posts per month

Only wrote 1 post in July. No surprises what it was lol...



Expenses: Spent $2,010

Expenses July 2018 - July Monthly Review

June goal = $1,500

Final June expenses = $2,010


Oooh weee, I smashed that goal straight outta the park didn't I.

And once again... biggest category is going out.

To be honest, the most money in this category wasn't even spent on alcohol. It was spent on Uber's home after nights out.

Also $120 of it was because I stupidly forgot my backpack in an Uber and then paid the driver to come back out to return it to me. 

Fair enough on overspending though, I paid for a lot of new apartment stuff and also went on a mini trip to the Blue Mountains sooooo...


At least it was worth it all. :)


Goal for August: $1,500


Moved out

Moving out Goal: closer to city July 2018

Well I did move out in July 2018 so I got that part haha. I just moved into an apartment within the same suburb, so I didn't actually get closer to the city though.

But... baby steps haha. 

Here is our kitten getting stuck in a box haha. 

And that's a wrap for July!

If you have any thoughts

I'd be interested to hear them in the comment section below or via email at hullo@immahuman.com. See you soon for the next review! :)


Note on my Monthly Reviews

My Monthly Reviews are sectioned based on my 2018 Goals and the core focuses I chose for the year. In regards to all the graphs and way I keep track of time, here is an Introduction to my Time Keeping Project.



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