June 2018 - Monthly Life Review

June was loco. L to the O to the C to the O.


In Australia, in the month of June, we have something called "End of Financial Year" where basically every sector has a crazy month. So work ramped up as sales ramped up, and we also got a new manager.

Across work, parkour and personal life, it was intense af. But I'm lucky enough to have an awesome team and awesome people in my life. Truly there were a lot of times where I finally got into bed and thought how I was the luckiest girl in the world. 

The Pie Chart of my Life

The pie chart of my life, for June 2018. Breakdown is the average number of hours spent per day. 

You can see Work jumped up massively. Basically life was just Work, and when I wasn't working, I was usually doing parkour or socialising. 

Forget about Website, basically went down the toilet. It's very clear to me that it's hard for me to maintain full steam on both Work and Parkour without sacrificing Website. 

Hours Per Week Chart - June 2018

June News

work Work Work

If it wasn't obvious, the above is rapped like that "Work work work" song by Rihanna haha. Work was the main story of June. I basically stayed late every single work session and even worked on days off. The craziest and busiest days I've ever had at Tesla were all in June. It was an intense month but it paid off, and I'm so happy with the team I'm working with.



Holy guacamole. This has taken sooo long and so many sessions. But finally!!!




Graph of Productivity, Sleep, Chill, Daily and Mood - June 2018 Monthly Review

Productive Activities = Work, Website, Exercise, Learning

Productivity increased again in June, and was the highest it's been for the ENTIRE year. This was mainly due to working more hours.


Chill = Socialising, Chilling, Music, Media

If it wasn't already obvious, Productive and Chill Activities work in opposite directions. For me, it's about finding the right balance of Chill and Productive. To be honest, 15% for June is a bit low, I probably need a bit more Chill time (like 17-18% is good) to ensure that I'm de-stressing and relaxing enough. 


Mood (1 - 3 scale / 1 = bad mood, 2 = average, 3 = very happy) 

The above columns show the average mood for the month. So my mood for June actually has increased over the last 4 months, but I probably need to work on balancing things a bit better. 


Parkour: Trained 5.3 hours / week

Parkour Graph - June 2018 Monthly Review

Goal: Train 5 hours per week

Average hours per week = 5.3 hours / week

Gotta be happy with that! Managed to hit above goal even with working so many hours.






June focus: Have a mix of drill, play, flip and outdoor sessions

I averaged about 2.8 sessions per week and did actually mix it up. Usually a gym session on Tuesday, outdoor session on Thursday and flip session on Sundays!

I also developed a bigger interest in freerunning in June! After we had our big parkour event at my parkour gym (Jump Off 2018) and I watched the freerunning competition, I got really inspired.

I tried some corks and got my backflips better!!!!!!!

And below is what is called a "cork" in the freerunning industry, except of course I'm not actually doing it correctly at all haha. But it's one of the trickier flips. IT WAS SO COOL THOUGH because this was actually the first few times I'd ever tried one so I was really happy even to be doing this. 

July focus: Have a mix of drill, play, flip and outdoor sessions


WORK: Loco month

Work June Monthly Review 2018.jpg

Hours worked = 52 hrs / week

June was a crazy, crazy month at Tesla.

Our new store manager started so there was a huge re-focus and push for sales sales sales.

I was pushed to do more in the sales process, including closing sales. This was very new for me but I loved learning it. 

But it was a really awesome month at work in terms of numbers!

  • I got the most influenced orders in my store, winning a prize :)

  • I was the 3rd best in Australia for test drives booked

  • 4th highest lead capture in Australia

So I'm really really happy about that result, because it was really tough and I worked a LOT to maintain all my numbers whilst learning all these new things. But it paid off. :)


JUNE Focus: 

create a routine (Admin and calls done in the morning, focus on floor and drives rest of day)

I did this for a little bit but slowly began to stop as the days got crazier and crazier. During June, I had some of my craziest and busiest days ever at Tesla. 








July Focus: DARE to make a difference

  • All this time, I've hesitated from truly getting to know customers. Conversation is generally about how the car works, cool features, practical benefits. I limit myself to only finding out 1 thing about who they truly are and what makes them tick

  • But this month, I want to dare to make a difference to their day

  • I don't work at Tesla to have normal conversations and sell normal cars

  • I work at Tesla to make an actual difference to a customer's day, life and the world

  • I don't want to waste my time having the same conversation you could have in any other car dealership

  • Dare to find out more about them, who they are and why they've come into Tesla that day

  • Because they came in for a reason, they didn't come in to waste their time or because they don't care. They came in because they glimpsed something about Tesla and wanted more.

Don't waste your time being boring. Just like Tesla is disrupting the entire car industry, dare to disrupt someone's day and make a difference. 


Website: Boooo Not good :(((

Website June Monthly Review 2018.jpg

Goal: 3 sessions per week

Total hours spent per week (avg) = 0.9 hrs / week

THAT'S TERRIBLE. :((( It's clear that with the increase in time working whilst still maintaining parkour/socialising, I found it hard to balance Website. 




Goal: 2 posts per month

Only did 1 post in June... :(((

Disappointing, gurl. DISAPPOINTING. :(


June Focus: Write June Monthly Review WITHIN first week July to refocus early on

  • I did try this, ended up finishing this on 9th July. So a bit late BUT earlier than normal.


July Focus:

  • Just post 2 damn posts.



Save up and move out

June 2018 Expenses - June Monthly Review

June Expense goal = $1,200

Final June expenses = $1,386


Once again went over budget...

Once again mainly because of alcohol...

$274 on drinks for June, vs $280 in May and $30 in April

I am starting to get concerned about my drinking habits...

But also gifts this month cost $145.

Admittedly I did start to care less about my budget towards the end of the month... I get paid at the end of the month and also I knew I was getting some tax back since its end of financial year.

So clearly my mind went "BUDGET DON'T MATTER."




Goal for July = $1,500 in expenses (because I'm moving into a new place and also celebrating end of financial year, so I predict expenses will DEFINITELY jump up).


June $20,000 savings goal

Savings goal: $20,000 by June

Savings to date (June) = $20,000 / $20,000


Hell to the YEAHHHHH. It's June and I saved up $20,000 since I started this goal last year! :)

Now just to survive July and make sure I don't dip into that $20,000 and then I'm all set. 



Moving out Goal: closer to city July 2018

Update: Not yet but I do have an update soon... will confirm in July. I should be moving into an apartment so hopefully will have some photos to show you!


And that's a wrap for June!

If you have any thoughts

I'd be interested to hear them in the comment section below or via email at hullo@immahuman.com. See you soon for the next review! :)


Note on my Monthly Reviews

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