Time Keeping 2018: March Review

This is my first monthly review for 2018. I fell off the wagon for the first 3 months as I was working on a few things with work, family and parkour, resulting in less focus on my website. 

The good news though is that I moved to a full-time work contract starting April! I was previously on a casual contract so my shifts could be quite sporadic, but now I'll be able to have a regular schedule and consistency.

Monthly reviews still remain very important to me, so I'll be trying to make them better and better this year. :)

Note on my Monthly Reviews: My Monthly Reviews are sectioned based on my 2018 Goals and the core focuses I chose for the year. In regards to all the graphs and way I keep track of time, here is an Introduction to my Time Keeping Project.

The Pie Chart of my Life

The pie chart of my life, for March 2018. Breakdown is the average number of hours spent per day. 

You'll see that sleep took a huge chunk this month, averaging 8.8 hours per day. This was due to me getting very sick and having to rest A LOT. It's interesting because you can also see how my sickness also impacted on time spent on Parkour, Website, Work, etc...

Monthly Review March 2018: Hours spent per week

March News

2018 time keeping

I revamped my time keeping spreadsheet! So get ready for some new graphs!


Pitch Music Festival

I went to a 4-day music festival in Melbourne's Grampians. The music and setting were pretty wonderful but then I...


Got horribly sick

Had to take 2 weeks off work. It sucked. It was nice to lie in bed though. I've hardly been allowing myself to do that, life's just felt too busy for it. So the positive side of the sickness is that I basically had a quarter-life crisis and started thinking about where/who I want to be in 5 years time. And also realised how important health is. 


Parkour: Trained 4.1 hours / week

Parkour March 2018

March Goal:

Train 5 hours / week



Hours trained per week = 4.1 hours (down from 8.7 in Feb)



Take care of your health. Parkour dropped because I was sick a majority of the month. 


April Goals:

  • Train 5 hours / week

  • Backflip onto a crash mat

  • Get double cats


WORK: Sick sick sick

Work March 2018.jpg

Hours worked = 31.4 hrs / week

You can see the dramatic drop in hours worked, because I had to take so much time off sick. During March is when I was offered my full-time contract, and I started to transition to our City store (which is much more conveniently located for me). 


March Goal:

Try to figure out a balance with Parkour AND Website



Failed in achieving a balance due to sickness dragging everything down.


APril GoalS:

  • Settle into full-time at my new store!

  • Hit all my number targets

  • Clean up my pipeline


Website: Not so good, but re-focused

Monthly Review March 2018: Website

Hours spent = 2.2 hrs / week

Number of posts written = 0


The irony is that I actually did write 2 posts, but never posted them because I kept thinking "no it's not good enough yet, need to work on it more" and then kept delaying that. 

The sickness was good because it forced me to sit down and review what I was doing with my website (or more like... what I WASN'T doing....). I sat down and actually had a strategy session, and decided I needed to rethink how I approached time spent on my website. This leads to my new...


April GoalS:

  • 3 session per week, ideally around 1 hour each

  • 2 posts per month. Yes I reduced this from 4/month HAHA because I was clearly failing that and demotivating myself. But since 2 per month is way more doable, I HAVE TO hit it then.


Save up and move out

Expenses March 2018 Review

MARCH Goal: $1,200 Budget


Total expenses: $2,145

  • $900 over budget

  • Biggest over-expense was Pitch Festival, which ended up costing $1,100 for a 4-day music festival





  • Also at some point, because I'd already spent so much, my thinking got even MORE lax like "Oh well since I'm so over-budget already, doesn't really matter if I add a bit more to it" haha oh dear....

Goal for Next month: $1,000 total expenses for the month.



Woohoo! Really happy to finish it and try a couple new things! I'm always trying to evolve a great Monthly Review template. Next review I plan to add a few new things too, to keep it interesting and hopefully make it a more interesting read. :)


Note on my Monthly Reviews

My Monthly Reviews are sectioned based on my 2018 Goals and the core focuses I chose for the year. In regards to all the graphs and way I keep track of time, here is an Introduction to my Time Keeping Project.


If you have any thoughts

I'd be interested to hear them in the comment section below or via email at hullo@immahuman.com. See you soon for the next review! :)

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