November 2018 - Monthly Life Review

Ooh wee this year has gone by fast, hey! We’re well and truly at the end of the year.

Once again trialing the story-telling with data format for my review as I quite liked it last month.


Note on my Monthly Reviews

My Monthly Reviews are sectioned based on my 2018 Goals and the core focuses I chose for the year. In regards to all the graphs and way I keep track of time, here is an Introduction to my Time Keeping Project.


November was a fun month

Nothing huge happened, just lots of little awesome moments.


Here’s the pie chart of my life

Pie Chart of my life - November 2018 Monthly Review


J booked his flight to sydney!

J booked his flights and is coming to Sydney in January! I am trés excited.

I also bought us tickets to Japan for J’s birthday, a place we’ve always wanted to go. We’re also going to go snowboarding there which I’ve wanted to do for a long time!

It has been a while since I had a big trip. The last one would’ve been South America with J over 1.5 years ago. I forgot how exciting it is to have a trip planned and get to look forward to it. Especially now that I’m doing full time work, the leave means a lot.



hit my one year anniversary at Tesla!

November 13th marked my official one year anniversary at Tesla in my sales role.

This has become my Tesla home in Sydney and my Tesla fam, although a couple of my team are missing from the photo! They’re a heckers bunch.

tesla martin place
tesla fam

Having hit one year, it’s made me quite reflective over my role. I’m definitely now finding that I’d like to have more challenge and learn more in sales.

My manager actually came back and encouraged to get more involved in the sales process, which I love! It’s had some nervous moments but I’ve helped some customers get into their dream Tesla now and it’s SOsoso exciting.

tesla model x white
tesla model x cream interior carbon fiber

Also check this out! Over 10,000 students in Sydney organised and attended a walkout to protest for climate change action from the government.

It was held right outside our Tesla store, and at first it was just 30 or so kids, chanting. Then, more and more kids poured in. I didn’t even realise how many there were until I walked upstairs and saw this.

sydney climate action student walkout november 2018

We all need to fight for sustainability and climate action.

We got a new kitten

My brother adopted another kitten so that our first kitten would have a friend. We named him Mufasa (you can guess which one he is).

Mufasa is really really really shy, and fair enough because it must be frightening to be in a whole new environment surrounded by all these giant people.

But I think the kittens have started to get used to each other.

new kitten


wrote 2 more website posts woohoo!

November 2018 Monthly Review - Website Posts

Okay technically I actually posted the second one on 1st December BUT BUT BUT I had it all written up in November. So yes.

December I’m going to write another 2 posts!

I’m excited for it. I’ll have my November 2018 review obviously, and I’m also visiting Adelaide so I’ll aim to write about a blog about that.


Check out the 2 posts below:


and redid my Time tracking sheet

I wanted to simplify the layout to make it more pleasant. When I re-do my time tracking sheet for 2019, I’m going to streamline it even further. If you have any suggestions, please tell me!


Weekly Dashboard

Monthly Dashboard


Flippy floppies!

november 2018 monthly review - parkour

Parkour was at 4.2 hours / week on average in November, below my goal of 5 hours / week.

I’ve definitely gotten LAZIER about going to parkour.

Weirdly enough, I think part of the reason is because my shoes have been very uncomfortable.

So at the end of the work day, with sore aching feet, I NEVER feel like going to parkour anymore. I just feel like going home and resting.

When I HAVE been going to Parkour, I’ve generally been concentrating on flips. :)


Spending was again on the high side…

The increase was mainly due to “Food & Drink” as I was eating out more often than I usually would. I ate dinner out 6 times this month.

And also bubble milk tea. I had 4 bubble milk tea’s in the last 10 days of November alone…

It’s getting out of control.

It seems like my average monthly spend is going up to about $1,700 / month. This is also part of living out of home, having to buy household items, etc.

Factoring this in, it seems $1,700 / month is a more realistic budget to plan towards for December.

November 2018 Monthly Review - Expenses
November 2018 Monthly Review - Expenses breakdown by category

And that's a wrap for November!

If you have any thoughts

I'd be interested to hear them in the comment section below or via email at See you soon for the next review! :) 


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