2019 Goals

I’m going to keep things simple this year - just 5 goals.

  1. Data analytics: Get a position

  2. Explore: Exploration trip every month

  3. Parkour: Train outdoors once a week

  4. Stretch: Everyday

  5. Move out: Closer to the city

Data analytics: Get a position

2019 goals - data analytics

very very important

It is what I enjoy, am good at and is an important field in our increasingly digital world.

Do not get distracted from this.

Explore every month

I missed nature and exploring in 2018, and realised I need to get out of the city more.

If you have any daytrip/weekender ideas, let me know! I’m super excited to start exploring every month.

  • January - New Year’s roadtrip up the coast

  • February - Japan

  • March -

  • April -

  • May -

  • June -

  • July - Snowboard trip?

  • August - Perth weekend for a wedding

  • September -

  • October -

  • November -

  • December - Birthday month! Fireflies

2019 goals - explore every month

Parkour: Train outdoors once a week

2018 Goals: Parkour perfect my technique

I miss training outdoors, and in 2018 got into the habit of training only indoors.

Stretch everyday

2019 goals stretching

I’d like to focus on both foam rolling and yoga.

It’s because I have constant shoulder and neck tension. Sometimes it got so bad that when I hung out with friends, all I could think about was how tense and tight it all was. It got to a point when I wouldn’t go out or exerciser, I’d just want to go home and lie down because that’s the only time I had relief.

I suspect it’s because of bad posture while sitting a long time, combined with stress.

I’ll measure this using a calendar which visually shows each day that I stretched.

Move out: closer to work / hobbies

This was my goal last year and I didn’t get around to it, but now J has moved in, I’m so excited to be moving closer to the city and the beach!