April 2019 - Monthly Review

What a huge month!

A lot happened in April, not least of all that I moved out closer to the CBD of Sydney. This has been a long time in the coming, and also means I’ve ticked off my first goal for the year woohoo!


My Monthly Reviews are sectioned based on my 2019 Goals. In regards to all the graphs and way I keep track of my time, here is an Introduction to my Time Keeping Project.


April overview


April 2019: the pie chart of my life

April 2019 Monthly Review - PIe chart of my life


For the first time ever, ‘Projects’ has overtaken ‘Daily’.

This is because on every single day off I had in April, I was either looking at new apartments, moving into our apartment, setting up our new place, researching data analytics positions, applying for roles, etc.

In all honesty, I credit this to J. He is amazingly efficient when it comes to getting things done quickly, and I am pushed to do the same as a result. For example, with buying all our furniture, I’m more of a “research lots of options, go to IKEA multiple times, comparison shop, get some done and then relax a bit” type person.

But J - let me tell you - we are in IKEA once, everything is in the trolley, and everything is built in the same day.

Holy dooley.



Data Analytics: looking looking

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 8.33.09 pm.png

2019 Goal: Get a position in data analytics

In April, I spent 3 hours per week on this goal.

The majority of this time was spent on the job search and application side of things - e.g. discussing opportunities within Tesla, preparing my resume, applications, interviewing for a Sales Operation role in Tesla, etc.

In the end, I’ve learnt that an operations role which deals with spreadsheet/numbers but doesn’t analyse isn’t for me.

I would like to go straight into a role that is focused on actual Analytics. My dream would be a sales analytics role within Tesla. However, I need more experience with hands-on analytics projects.

Hence, in May, I will focus on practising my analytics skills on real business datasets.



Exploring: South Coast

2019 Goal: Go on an exploration trip every month!

For our April trip, we were lucky enough to borrow the Tesla and do a roadtrip down the South Coast to check out Bowral, Kangaroo Valley and Nowra.

We only had time to drive past Kangaroo Valley but the view was insanely gorgeous driving down from Bowral. Winding down that road, looking deep into this luscious forest… Who knew this was so close to home. I’d really like to stayover in Kangaroo Valley one day and explore it even more.

It was also very interesting doing a roadtrip with the Tesla, as it’s an electric car!

We stayed in a campground in Nowra, and the owner asked to have a peek in the Tesla because his son loved our cars. I will always remember his response when we opened the door and he caught sight of the massive Tesla screen:

“Holy dooley!”

I cracked up. Never forget.


Parkour: zero outdoor sessions

april 2019 monthly review - parkour

2019 Goal: Train parkour outdoors once a week

* crickets chirp *

* tumbleweed tumbles across the screen *

* someone coughs in the next building *


This is embarrassing.

The last few months have been busy with other priorities since J moved to Australia, so I acknowledge Parkour has definitely taken a back seat.

Nothing like a good ol’ chart to hit you where it hurts.



Stretched: 30% of days in April

april 2019 monthly review: stretching

2019 Goal: Stretch everyday

A disappointing month in stretching.

As you can see from the past few months, it’s generally pretty low, and I’m still figuring out the best way to hit 100% of days.

BUT I do know that charts tracking progress month-on-month really motivate me as I am a visual person. So creating this chart is one step in the right direction.

However, 30% of days is still an improvement on the NONE I was doing last year. So I’m thankful for it anyways as I can feel my muscles are appreciating it.


Moved out: closer to the CBD!

Wooohooooo! We made it!!! That’s that goal ticked off!

It took some time and many many many many many inspections, but we made it.



Reading: Lord of the rings!

I started The Fellowship of the Ring, and it was so much fun that I finished it and started The Two Towers straight away.

I’ve always enjoyed the Lord of the Rings movies but I am so impressed with the books. Tolkein’s writing style is genuine fun to read, I am frequently laughing and raving about a quote to J.

The characterisation is also sublime. Here’s a quote from the book, when Pippin is recounting a story:

The figure halted by us and looked down at us.

“Gandalf!” I said at last, but my voice was only a whisper. Did he say: “Hullo, Pippin! This is a pleasant surprise!”? No indeed! He said: “Get up, you tom-fool of a Took! Where, in the name of wonder, in all this ruin is Treebeard? I want him. Quick!”


And that's a wrap for April!

If you have any thoughts, I'd be interested to hear them in the comment section below or via email at hullo@immahuman.com.

See you soon for the next review!


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