August 2019 - Monthly Review

Big, biiiiigggg month.

We launched the Tesla Model 3 in our showroom, which is the entry-level Tesla that A LOT more people can afford. The Model 3 is the reason why I started working at Tesla back in 2017. We knew it would be crazy, but even though we knew and prepared for the level of demand it would bring…. it still went beyond our expectations.

I actually love the Model 3 to no-end. It is definitely the car for me. The customers it has brought in have been incredible too, people who normally buy much cheaper cars but who will get the Tesla because to them it’s not just a car anymore.

It was a very full month, and I actually hit my goals in every single category, so I’m really happy about that. :)


My Monthly Reviews are sectioned based on my 2019 Goals. In regards to all the graphs and way I keep track of my time, here is an Introduction to my Time Keeping Project.


August Overview

August 2019: the pie chart of my life

August 2019 Monthly Life Review - PIe chart of my life
August 2019 Monthly Review - How I spend my time


Data Analytics: completed goal!!!

2019 Goal: Get a data analytics position by August

august 2019 monthly review - data analytics graph

August Outcome:

AH!! So I didn’t complete this goal in the way I expected to. That is, I originally imagined I would apply for a new job, sadly leave my job at Tesla and begin as a data analyst somewhere else. But when I did go for other companies and they ask the inevitable “Why do you want to work for XXX?”, I realised that I never believed in any of the companies as strongly as I believe in Tesla’s mission.

I realised I wasn’t ready to leave Tesla in August. With the Model 3 launching (which is the whole reason I started work at Tesla), I wanted to stay.

So what happened in August is that I got a promotion in my sales role at Tesla. As part of it, I asked that I could spend a small amount of time every week working on Sales Analytics. And my manager accepted!

Throughout August I was also working on an analytics project with the Tesla Sales Analytics Manager, who is awesome. I feel lucky that I have my manager and the analytics manager. They’ve been incredibly supportive and easy going in helping me learn. I literally can’t believe how lucky I am to be working at the front-lines, and getting to analyse the data I’m creating,

Also, introducing the deadline really did help - i.e. the goal started out in the beginning of the year as “Get a data analytics position” but a few months ago, I introduced the deadline of August which really pushed things along.

September Goal

  • Tesla Analytics Project - Finish summary & recommendations. I want the main focus to be on getting used to my new role and keeping my pipeline very clean.



Exploring: perth

2019 Goal: Go on an exploration trip every month!

We went to Perth to attend the wedding of my best friend’s sister. I’ve known their family for a long time and spent a lot of my childhood with my best friend and her entire family. It was so beautiful just to celebrate their love, and reflect on how much of an impact my best friend’s family has made on me.


Parkour: trained outdoors every week!

2019 Goal: Train parkour outdoors once a week

august 2019 monthly life review - parkour graph

August outcome:

Achieved my goal of 4 outdoor sessions woohoo!!! One per week.

They were each extremely short though - usually about 15 minutes.

But each time I went by myself, pushed myself to find an outdoor spot and not worry about people staring at me training. That’s the most intimidating part for me, so I feel very proud I did it every week…

Even though each session was short, the regularity also helped my body get used to parkour movement. I’m excited for another month of similar training!

September goal:

Another 4 please!



Stretched: 90% of days

2019 Goal: Stretch everyday

august 2019 monthly review: stretching goal

August Outcome:

Stretched 90% of days - that’s a personal best!

I only missed 3 days of stretching in the entire month, and also achieved a 25-day stretching streak.

CRAZY. Especially when you compare to the beginning of the year.

The streak actually helped push me to do it each day, even when I couldn’t be bothered, because I didn’t want to ruin the streak.

September Goal:

Just keep it up yo, 80% + for a fourth month!



Reading: The signal and the noise

This month I finished NO books.

I started “The Signal and the Noise” by Nate Silver, because I wanted to do some more reading on data analytics.

But boy oh boy….. this book is hard to get through…….

Still getting there……

I did watch the Matrix trilogy though, which was amazing.


And that's a wrap for August!

If you have any thoughts, I'd be interested to hear them in the comment section below or via email at

See you soon for the next review!


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