May 2019 - Monthly Review

May was such a chill and fun month!

It was a month of settling in - settling in to our new place and area, and settling back into my parkour gym.

There was also a big shake-up at work with my store absorbing another store and becoming the flagship, so there was settling in a new team.

Edit: Originally posted June 8th, but then I did a boo-boo with my posts and now have to re-post it.


My Monthly Reviews are sectioned based on my 2019 Goals. In regards to all the graphs and way I keep track of my time, here is an Introduction to my Time Keeping Project.


May overview

Yes, it’s true. This is the month I became a crazy plant person.

It all started when I read this… “You are meant to grow with things that grow. Live with things that live.”

May 2019: the pie chart of my life

May 2019 Monthly Review - PIe chart of my life
May 2019 Monthly Review - How I spend my waking hours

Two things of interest:

  1. “Daily” going down month-on-month.

    Woohoo! I was always SHOCKED at the amount of time I spent on Daily items (upkeep, transport, cooking, errands, cleaning, etc). It is consistently my biggest category, after “Work”, which just sounds weird. “Outside of work time, my biggest hobby is daily life upkeep”. No thank you. I want Projects / Wellness thanks.

    I understand now a big reason it went down in April and May is because I moved closer to work. Many mornings I can WALK to work instead of spending anytime on transport.

  2. Work went up significantly.

    It went up a lot versus April because April was full of public holidays (Easter, Anzac Day, etc). It went above the average of the last few months because my store absorbed another store.

    We’re now the flagship store in Sydney and it’s been super exciting! Our team has expanded and we’ve gotten a new manager, it’s been a crazy exciting stir-up. The world of Tesla is always changing and improving so quickly, and is one of the reasons I love working at Tesla so much.



Data Analytics: need to get skilled up

May 2019 Monthly Review - Data Analytics

2019 Goal: Get a position in data analytics

In May, I spent 2.1 hours per week on this goal.

Having recently been more motivated to utilise deadlines in my life better, I would like to be in a data analytics position by August, at the latest.

In June, I will first focus on completing the last 2 courses from these Coursera specialisations.



Exploring: Blue Mountains

2019 Goal: Go on an exploration trip every month!

J and I did a quick daytrip to the Blue Mountains for our May trip.

I am not going to lie though. We spent more time eating lunch than actually doing a hike.

BUT lunch was amazing @ Leura Gourmet. There was floor to ceiling windows overlooking the view! There was sunlight! There was delicious caramelised onion tarts and eggplant parmigiana!

We also caught the Blue Mountains at sunset, something which I’ve never seen before. It was mesmerising. I truly forgot how beautiful the Blue Mountains is, having not appreciated it much since it’s in our hypothetical ‘backyard’. But right in front of the lookout there was this one mountain in the middle of a sea of trees. There was no roads or possible ways to get there besides walking. It’s called Mount Solitary and I really want to hike it and do an overnight camp on top.

As a bonus, I was also lucky enough to go to Bowral on a little work adventure. You should’ve seen my workmate and I, we were yelling “Work roadtrip!!!” every five minutes.

It was just a quick zip there and back in the Tesla, but I got a glimpse of the autumn colours and it made me really excited to explore again.


Parkour: slowly Getting back into it…

may 2019 monthly review - parkour

2019 Goal: Train parkour outdoors once a week

I trained outdoor once this month…


After having not trained parkour for months, it felt good for my body to remember how to do those jumps and moves that I’d drilled into it so long ago.

While I only trained outdoors once this month, I actually trained indoors every week at my parkour gym.

But, outdoor training has always been where my parkour heart lies, hence why it became my 2019 goal.



Stretched: 39% of days in May

may 2019 monthly review: stretching

2019 Goal: Stretch everyday

An improvement over April, but still not where it needs to be.

And I’m definitely feeling the lack of stretching. The tension has returned to my shoulders and the soreness to my neck.

June Goal:

I noticed I usually read 85-95% of days in the month, and that’s because I have a habit of reading before I sleep.

In June I’m going to experiment by adding 15 minutes of stretching RIGHT before I start my reading.


Moved out: making it home

2019 Goal: Move out closer to the city - ALREADY COMPLETE

I’ve become a plant person this month.

The culmination point was when my friend YY offered to get me a plant cutting of a Monstera Deliciosa, one of my wishlist plants. I glanced at the 20 plants I’d already bought that week and was like “……… uh HELL YEAH”.

Fast forward a week and I’m sitting on the train with this 2 metre long plant cutting.

Conveniently there’s track work on my line, so I have to get off and switch to a bus.

I sit at the front of the bus and people walking in literally have to get their face slapped by these giant monstera leaves as they walk by. I just sit and act like it’s no one else’s business why my plant is slapping their face.

When I get home with my monster Monstera, J is less than impressed. His face says it all.

But you know, I think he loves it now!

2019-06-03 16.39.25.jpg


Reading: 21 LEssons for the 21st century

may 2019 reading: 21 lessons for the 21st century

I finished the Lord of the Rings Trilogy!

10/10 would recommend. It was SO MUCH FUN to read. And a fairly quick and easy ready.

After 3 fiction books in a row though, I had to mix things up and get back to something non-fiction.

Voila. 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.

It’s been quite an intense read so far, peering at our society from a global viewpoint.

A quote, referencing the rise of data and algorithms:

In some countries and in some situations, people might not be given any choice, and they will be forced to obey the decisions of Big Data algorithms. Yet even in allegedly free societies, algorithms might gain authority because we will learn from experience to trust them on more and more issues, and will gradually lose our ability to make decisions for ourselves. Just think of the way that within a mere two decades billions of people have come to entrust the Google search algorithm with one of the most important task of all: searching for relevant and trustworthy information. We no longer search for information. Instead we Google. And as we increasingly rely on Google for answers, so our ability to search for information by ourselves diminishes.


And that's a wrap for April!

If you have any thoughts, I'd be interested to hear them in the comment section below or via email at

See you soon for the next review!


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