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Ollantaytambo: Things to Do Off-the-Beaten Path

I stayed in Ollantaytambo for over a month and completely loved the experience, getting to know the mountains and the people. If you like to do things on your own when travelling, we absolutely loved these experiences because they were off-the-beaten path and chea-ap. 

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Pumamarca Ruins: Day Hike from Ollantaytambo

We loved this little day hike to the Pumamarca Ruins - good exercise, splendid views and it takes you off the beaten path right into the culture of the Sacred Valley. It was a perfect day complete with ruins all to ourselves, a picnic, llamas and and beautiful settings. 

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Visiting Patacancha Peru on a Budget

We visited Patacancha, a traditional weaving community in the Sacred Valley of Peru, on a budget making our own way there. This was one of my highlight day trips from Ollantaytambo: we got to know the traditional people, learnt how to weave and bought hand-woven products directly from the people who made it. 

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