Doing the Salkantay Trek - On Your Own

This is the ultimate guide to doing the Salkantay Trek on your own, a tough 5-day hike that provides a beautiful alternative to the Inca Trail. The Salkantay Trek is an exciting and unique challenge, and became one of our most vivid and fond memories in South America.

Find everything you need to be prepared for this adventure!

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Hike Overview

An outline of the 5-day hiking route including: Where to start, the different route options and how long each day will be.

Where to Camp

A guide to where you can stay on each night of the hike, with tips on lovely places to stay.

Where and What to Eat

A full hiking menu to help you plan food for your Salkantay Trek. Everything can be found in the Central Market and Super Vea in Cusco. 

Salkantay Trek what to pack

What to Pack & Gear Rental

A packing list to help you pack as light and prepared as possible. Make sure you're ready for the high altitudes and changeable weather.


Doing the Salkantay Trek on our own cost us $USD 115 per person, compared to the paid tours which start at $175 pp and range up to $500. Understand where you can save!

Salkantay Trek when to go

When to Go

Are you going during the dry season or the wet season? Find out more about each.


Our Salkantay Trek Saga

Click here to read the full story of our Salkantay Trek Saga, from crazy lightning storms to wet sleeping bags to surprise visits from Mount Salkantay.

It was a hike that truly become one of our most vivid and fond memories from South America.